The ULTIMATE Paleo DETOX Cleanse


 Super-Cleanse Your Body with A Truly Amazing Detox Plan, Say Goodbye to Your Old Belly Fat and Super-Charge Your Energy Levels!

 Could this be the most important day of the year for you? Could today be the start of an amazing transformation in your health and wellbeing? Is this the moment when those stubborn old fat deposits finally get the message

You bet it is!

Here is what will help YOU create YOUR Best Detox Yet

  • A complete shopping list for all 100 delicious detox recipes
  • A detailed eating behaviour questionnaire so you can self assess your situation
  • A detailed list of what to eat for the first 5 days and the next 21 days after that
  • A real description of what toxins are doing to your body - never before revealed info
  • A free ebook about over 50 detox teas you can drink any time
  • A free eating behaviour ebook to master your overeating
  • A detailed report on why we cant lose weight
  • A full list of delicious desserts and snacks allowed on this detox


The herbal tea guide will show you how to target specific areas of concern and eliminate toxins from your body with a carefully chosen selection of herbs that have been used for centuries to treat a variety of conditions.

The herbal tea guide covers a very wide range of conditions.

Understanding why we have cravings and those very strong urges to eat certain foods revealed the emotional framework that shapes so many of our choices. This discovery so obviously applies to our food choices. And this is where the revolution in effective weight control takes over.

Recognising why we do certain things, understanding why we choose foods that are harmful, developing healthy alternatives and creating great eating habits - these are the foundations of a life/changing book on real weight control and the launch of a much healthier lifestyle.

 Welcome to your totally amazing and highly effective

Ultimate Paleo Detox Plan!

 And you don't need to starve yourself or follow some crazy diet either. 

We're going to help you to lose those pesky pounds, flush out the harmful poisons and toxins that are so damaging to your health, boost your energy levels and help you to get into the best possible shape. And how are we going to do this? By listening to your body and giving it what it really needs. And that means the secret formula of the super fit - Super-Smart Nutrition using a Functional Medicine Paleo Approach. 

My name is Beran Parry and as a Certified Fitness Trainer, Holistic Nutritionist and Functional Medicine Practitioner, I've been helping people to lose weight and get into great shape for more than thirty years and one of the reasons that people struggle so much with their weight and their fitness in general is that their bodies are poisoned.

That's right. Poisoned. We're surrounded by pollution, harmful chemicals, pesticides and toxins on every side and our poor, beleaguered bodies are exposed to these damaging substances pretty much all of the time. Over the years, those toxins build up until they start to cause major health problems, including metabolic and hormonal imbalances, a compromised immune system, digestive malfunctions and a whole range of unpleasant conditions. 

It is so much more difficult to shift that stubborn fat and feel healthy again when your body's been thoroughly compromised by years of toxic abuse.

So the answer is clear.

The answer is simple.

We need to flush out those toxins and give your body the best shot at being slimmer, trimmer, sexier and fitter than you ever thought possible. Because it really is possible to reverse the damage and get you into great shape. That's where the science of Functional Medicine and the Ultimate New Year Detox Plan come into action. 

We've learned so much in recent years about how the body really works. Old ideas are being swept away in the wake of startling revelations about how we can stay healthy, strong, slim, energized and active throughout all our lives. Now that knowledge is available to you in a totally effective five-day dynamic cleanse that will turn back the clock and switch your body into a natural fat-burning machine. 

Here are some remarks from real people and doctors that have benefitted from the Ultimate Paleo Detox

Dr Gary Webb

Bestselling Weight Loss Author  A Fabulous Detox Program Detoxing after overindulgence is very important and this brilliantly researched Paleo-Keto Detox Diet recognises what our bodies have been telling us for years: we really can eat tastily and healthily and enjoy every meal whilst cleansing, burning fat and getting lean and energised. So, if you've been celebrating the holiday season too much and need some help to shed those extra blubber and flush out the toxins, the Paleo Keto Diet will show you how.

Even if you have a sluggish metabolism, you need to burn off the unwanted fat deposits, boost energy and eliminate the toxins that can degrade our health and wellbeing. It's the been a fantastic way to detox my body and restore my health by eliminating the harmful substances and making me feel wonderful Grab this book and feel your best...I know I did….here are some real results

 Pia Rivkind – after 4 weeks on the Ultimate Detox Cleanse….. I have never felt better!

 Alan Alden…….I FINALLY lost my BELLY BLOAT   

 Patricia Mainwell……..I no longer have stomach pains… for the FIRST TIME EVER! 


One simple, totally effective five-day cleanse to Change Your Body forever


  21 days of Nutritional Feasting using my specially designed PALEO-KETO System to get rid of 

  • All those sleepless nights of poor rest - gone!
  • All that bloating and digestive discomfort - gone!
  • All that exhaustion and nagging anxiety - gone!
  • All those hormonal challenges that wreck your skin - gone!

 Here are some Mouthwateringly Tasty Detox Dishes that are all available in your ULTIMATE PALEO DETOX PROGRAM!


The smart way to get leaner, stronger, fitter and healthier with a fantastic array of delicious dishes!


Cleanse, heal, restore and re-balance your body with these super-nutritious dishes!


Now you can be free to enjoy every one of these super-nutrition snack and still burn off that stubborn fat and feel amazing!


The most wholesome and nutritious soups, full of goodness, full of flavor, for all the family!

 No grain

Lose the bloat and boost your energy with these fabulous miracle recipes!

 Egg Skinny Delicious

Crack open a feast of yummie deliciousness and feel fabulous!

 Skinny Delish Fish

These tasty dishes rock and they'll strip away the stubborn fat and get you ready for the beach


The best in super-nutrition, especially designed and balanced for vegetarians. And it tastes fantastic too!

 Skinny Delicious Desserts

Treat yourself every day to a tasty feast of fat-busting delights!

Because all these conditions are linked to the harmful toxins that build up in your body. That's right. It's time to say Hello to a slimmer, fitter and healthier new you with the Real Five Day Detox Plan, your fast track to the kind of healthy body you've always dreamed of. Don't waste another moment. Start right now. Your body deserves it!

 So How does this Best Ever Detox Work?

 The Ultimate Paleo Detox delivers a totally effective initial five-day natural cleansing programme including a Paleo Approach that will flush out the toxins and peel off the pounds.

Then, based on the super-efficient Paleo-Keto dietary method, a 21 Day Detox harnesses the most natural way for your body to be freed from the harmful effects of over-eating. The Detox will help you:

  • Flush toxins from your organs
  • Encourage your body to burn belly fat
  • Restore a healthier glow to your skin
  • Re-balance your energy levels
  • Help you to sleep better
  • Freshen your breath
  • Scrub your arteries
  • Clean and purify your body from top to toe
  • Trim your waist
  • Boost your vitality

This is also one of the tastiest ways to get your body into a whole better shape. Cleansed, purified, refreshed and re-vitalised, your energy levels will soar and your thinking will get surprisingly clearer.

They're all the natural advantages of using this amazing Detox method. You'll eat well, savouring the most deliciously nutritious food your body can get, you'll lose weight and you'll feel better than you ever thought possible.

It's your body. It's where you live. Let's clean it inside and out and get it looking and feeling fabulous.


Unless you live on a very remote island, where there is no traffic, no processed food and you grow all your own fruit and vegetables (organically of course) and you rear all your own cattle, animals for meat, then you need to detox.

Every day people are subjected to toxins. These build up in the body and mean that instead of dealing with natural substances only our poor old kidneys and livers have to handle lots of ‘foreign’ matter, in other words the ‘terrible toxins’.

This can make people more susceptible to stress, so if you are constantly feeling as if you are stressed out and tired, then a detox program could certainly help you to regain some balance.  

But there are other symptoms of too many toxins
being present in the body and these include:

  • Tiredness
  • Overly rapid pulse rate
  • Swollen ankles
  • Craving sweet or salty/fatty foods
  • Poor digestion
  • Insomnia
  • Cellulite
  • Decreased sex drive
  • Problems in concentrating
  • Dry mouth
  • Bladder problems

There are many more symptoms, but these are often the most common and the ones that can be most easily remedied, by the Ultimate Paleo Detox Program that will help flush out all those toxins, leaving you lean, fresh and bright, with a renewed vigor and zest for life.


You may read different things about the best time to detox, but in reality there is only one best time to go through a detox program and that is NOW! Some people like to detox in spring, because they think that it is a time for new beginnings, time to clean the home, yard and basically get fit for the summer. But it is really ok to detox any time. After all if you are thinking about detoxing in the fall and then you leave it till spring time, then you may well forget about it, so try to plan your detox for as soon as possible, to make sure that it actually happens.


Our detox plan is initially a 5 day cleanse, followed by a 21 day detoxifying paleo-keto eating program to lose even more weight!....which will help give you enough time to really cleanse your body, without being too rigorous. You will be living on some of the most delicious tasting food you have ever eaten, so don’t worry you will do just great!

Some detox plans can often be very difficult to follow and so you start off with the best of intentions, but the process is simply too arduous, so what happens? Well you start off day one just great, day two is a bit of a struggle, but on day three, well boy, you have just had enough, so you quit and head down to the nearest burger bar or pizzeria and you are suddenly blitzing your body with toxins that you had actually been trying to get rid of!

That’s isn’t any use, so we are going to take you through a nice, easy detox plan. You will have the chance to pamper yourself, get a little quality time for yourself and just look after yourself for a little bit.

 How does The Ultimate Paleo Detox and Cleanse Work? 

 Our Epigenetic Eating Detox Program introduces a gentle, easy but effective way to help you detoxify and lose weight effectively and safely!  

This program can be safely repeated every three months but ALWAYS check with your physician if its appropriate for you

The fact is that we are surrounded by toxins at every level and a simple regime of regular fasting is one of the best ways to flush the garbage out of your system. It's got to be one your strongest methods for experiencing total wellbeing and supercharging your weight loss program at the same time!.

In our 5 day cleanse and 21 day detox plan you will learn exactly how to apply these excellent eating regimes to benefit you according to your individual epigenetic needs.

 First 5 Days involve a really effective cleanse as follows: 

  • Delicious broths and teas throughout the day
  • Filling omega 3 enriched protein from day 2
  • Soups and Salads whenever you are hungry
  • Other delicious snacks to fill the hunger gap

 Typical Detox Menu for 3 Days from the 21-day detox plan 

All Recipes (over 100) are provided
They are
Sugar free
Gluten free
Grain free
Low sodium
Dairy free
Preservative free
Non processed

 There is a COMPLETE Paleo Shopping GUIDE and PALEO SKINNY DELICIOUS Recipe List Here are some more samples of the DELICIOUS RECIPES INSIDE!







Divine Protein Muesli 

Spicy Eastern Salad

 Delish Banana Nut Muffins 

 Tempting Tomato Basil Soup 

Anti-Aging Fruit Delights







Delish Veggie Breakfast Peppers

Mediterranean Medley Salad

Perfect Pumpkin Seeds

Creamy Chicken Casserole

Paleo Rosemary Sweet Potato Crunches  







 Divine Protein Muesli 

Spicy Eastern Salad

Krunchy Yummy Kale Chips and Raspberry Coconut Smoothie

 Healing Chicken/Turkey Vegetable Soup 

Apple Peach Skinny Bars


A lifetime dedicated to well being, peak health and optimum fitness has made Beran Parry one of the most sought-after specialists in the world of weight-loss and natural healing. She's the living proof of how effective her methods really are.

It's one thing to be born with great genes and a super-model's body but when you never had any of those advantages in the first place and struggled for years with weight issues, it's even more inspiring to see exactly how great Beran looks today as a result of her totally natural, amazing life-style advice and methods.

The photos are only part of the story because, believe it or not, in her 50’s with a grown-up son and a list of health issues that she has overcome with amazing courage and resilience, she looks younger and fitter than most women in their thirties.

She's a Certified Nutritionist, a student of Functional Medicine, a 10 time Best-Selling author, a Reiki Master, a celebrated Yoga and Pilates Master Teacher, a warm and generous-hearted lady whose mission is to share her knowledge and experience and help people everywhere to enjoy the benefits of a slimmer, fitter, healthier and happier life.

Beran has been consulting in the field of Wellbeing for over 15 years with International Organizations worldwide and divides her time between her homes in Brussels and the sunny south of Spain.
She loves travelling especially to Africa and America and regularly speaks at wellbeing conventions to inspire her audience to achieve their health and weight loss goals.


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