The Skinny Delicious Diet and I…4 weeks later!

By Lina Chahrour, European Commission

Delicious Diet

Four weeks has passed since the Skinny Delicious Diet knocked into my life and revolutionised it. There have been further changes, which are starting to become more explicit.

Yesterday, before stepping in the shower at the end of the day, I took the scale which I left resting for over a month and went on it…surprise, surprise, the needle moved from 70 kg to 65 kg!! I couldn’t believe it. In only one month, I lost 5 kilos!

The Skinny Delicious Diet affected my clothing size too. I even now am able to fit into size Small dresses, whereas for 4 years, I had to fit into Medium and Large dresses, and yet, wear gains in order to hide the defects of my belly and thighs. Now, I don’t even need a gain, and I fit into a size Small!

Last weekend, I went to a store to buy a bra for the gym, and, and as Brussels is known to have one of the “best” customer services in the World, you can’t get a bra fitting service in many stores, even if it is a lingerie store! When you ask a saleswoman if they do bra fitting, she gives you one of the strangest and horrible looks as if you just landed from another planet, grabs a bra you didn’t even chose from a drawer, and tells you in an arrogant tone almost shouting at you: “Huh Mais eeeeuh Madame we never do that! This is your size. This will look perfect on you!”

As I was used to always buy extra-large bras, which looked like a gladiator armour and made me feel complexed about my body (as if women with large breasts are condemned to wear ugly bras), I didn’t think that my size would have changed. I picked up a size Large, as in my mind I needed a Large, without trying it. When I arrived home, I tried on the bra, and to my surprise, it was big!! I was happy to have shrinked in size because now I will be able to buy normal-looking bras and feel attractive which I never did in many years!


As for my hair, it became shinier and it is growing faster than ever. I had the bad luck to fall into a hairdresser last February who cut my hair very short, so convinced that it would look great on me! I used to go to the hairdresser every 2 weeks and spend tons of money because every time, there was something that needed to be fixed. Now, I don’t even need to go to the hairdresser that regularly and my hair looks great!

To be more specific, The Skinny Delicious Diet is not only a Diet, but a lifestyle! Thanks to the Skinny Delicious Diet, I am able to spend less money on food, and on quality rather than quantity, which has a zero-waste effect, whereas in the past, I used to throw a lot of unnecessary food in the bin, and therefore, money!!

I used to eat a lot of chicken, which made me develop a lot of facial hair, and with the lack of Sun in Belgium, these hair were often black! So I needed to have a wax almost every 2 weeks! Last Saturday, I went to the beautician for my regular facial wax, and she told me: “ooh you have less hair, and now it is blonde, whereas before, it was black!” This is another miracle of the Skinny Delicious Diet! Instead of eating a lot of chicken, the Skinny Delicious Diet taught me to eat more Turkey, which was not only delicious, but was contained less hormones than chicken and reduced my facial hair.

The Skinny Delicious Diet makes you become beautiful, and I never felt as beautiful as I feel now! It allows you to love yourself and take care of yourself. I am looking forward for more changes!

Last but not least, I also received many compliments from friends and colleagues telling me how much I lost weight and many are starting to apply the Skinny Delicious Diet into their daily habits!

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