The Skinny Delicious Diet and I…3 Months later!

By Lina Chahrour, European Commission

I am right now on my 3rd month of being on The Skinny Delicious Diet, which I thought I would give up, and in fact, I am still continuing it and it became an unconscious part of my daily life. I don’t even feel that I am on a diet! I don’t crave bread, pasta and pizza like I used to in the past!

One woman at the gym whom I barely knew came up to me the other day and told me: “Oooh I see you lost a lot of weight! I have been observing you, and you really lost a lot of weight since you started to come 3 months ago! What did you do? You see I come to the gym, but I can’t lose weight!” I couldn’t help but show my excitement. I explained to her that I have been applying the Skinny Delicious Diet, which made me lose all the weight. She was so impressed that now we always have a lively chat when we bump into each other! At most cases, people need to see results when applying something (especially a diet) and this is what is happening with The Skinny Delicious Diet! It gave me spectacular results! I also had an elderly man who was telling me a month ago how hard he was struggling to lose weight. So I referred him to the Skinny Delicious Diet, and just by applying one of its advices and cutting down on foods that cause cholesterol (as he explained to me as he cannot resist fatty foods), he lost 4 kilos in one month!

I thought that during the Christmas holidays I would gain weight due to the abundance and richness of food, but I actually didn’t and I even lost more weight than I would on a normal working day, because I didn’t feel very hungry, and on top of that I didn’t have any food cravings! When I wake up late in the morning (especially during the weekends), I usually have one meal a day during late afternoon (and a very light dinner like soup if I am hungry), as I have 3 coffees in the morning, and therefore, I don’t feel very hungry. I am aware that I should have 3 meals a day and not drink a lot of coffee, but we all have our naughty habits!

The most wonderful news is that I lost 2 more dress sizes, and I am right now a size small in most clothes. That means that I will have to do some shopping, but with nicer clothes and a different style, which allows me to be more flattering, whereas before, I wore large clothes that hid my features, because I didn’t want to show my lumps. I got rid of many clothes, which I now find too big, and I think to myself: “was I that big??” I sometimes cannot recognise myself in my new body. It is very surprising and unusual, but at the same time, it feels great!

For many years, I used to look sloppy in pictures, because of my bad posture (which improved a lot with taking Pilates classes) and my weight. During the last 4 years, I used to avoid taking pictures of myself because I used to feel ugly. I even avoided registering in dating websites. I didn’t want to put a nice picture of myself from the past, and then if I met a man and he saw that I was fat, he would probably leave me. Being overweight destroyed my self-confidence that I also completely lost hope about being able to meet a man and to be loved. I thought I was done for my whole life because I felt old and fat at 33! Now, thanks to The Skinny Delicious Diet, I found again my photogenic self, and I have hopes to be able to meet a man one day. Let’s see!

At least, men are now treating me in a different way. They stare at me, they smile at me, they try to make a conversation with me, whereas in the past, they were not that attentive to me and they even used to be rude to me. I even had many remarks from male friends about being overweight, that I should stop eating a lot, whereas my main problem was not in the quantity of food I ate, but rather the quality. I used to hate vegetables, and I was living on processed foods. My fake friends were gluten and dairy, especially milk and cheese.

To put it in a practical way, on Christmas Eve, I decided to eat Raclette, which is some kind of cheese that you melt in a machine, and which is a traditional food used in many European countries during the Christmas period. After that, you won’t believe how bloated I felt, and it lasted for 2 days to the point that I almost couldn’t eat anything!

Another example was that on a Saturday two weeks ago, I didn’t have any vegetables left except from potatoes (which I didn’t touch for the past 3 months). So I decided to make some Gratin Dauphinois, which I used to make a lot in the past, where I use evaporated milk in a can. You couldn’t imagine how bad I felt afterwards because of the milk. I had acid burn for 2 days, and my face developed some strange pimples. Whereas when I am on The Skinny Delicious Diet, my face is so clear that I don’t need any face powder, and my body feels great.

On a final note, I am really grateful for the Skinny Delicious Diet and for all the benefits it is providing me especially that it is attracting the attention of many people who are coming to me to tell me that I lost weight. And I am going to make a naughty confession: I still eat chocolate, and lots of it, and despite this, I am losing weight! Stay tuned because I will come back soon with more news!

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