Save up your time & money in getting Pain relievers when you can get them right from your own pantry.

We know how important pain killers are in every households, but sometimes when we ran out of supply and we badly needed them it will be handier to know the best alternative ways to have painkillers by getting it right from our kitchen.

Here are some of the best Natural Painkillers you can have;

1. Water water

Never underestimate the power of water! Aside from the fact that is the number one dehydrator it also known as the best healing agent for any discomforts. When you are drinking plenty of water our body is flushing out histamine among other toxins, and this compound is best in helping our body in releasing anti-bodies.

2. Gingerginger

One of most popular natural health remedies all through the years is ginger. Aside from the good flavour it can produce when added to our dishes, this is also best armed with potent compounds called as gingerols which helps regulate the production of pain hormones and sooth pain in no time. This is best in treating any muscle and joint pains.

3. Clovescloves

This comes handy to soothe your tooth ache. Chewing on a clove can help you from any gum problem, tooth ache or even inflammation because of its anaesthetic properties. It is also popularly known that can help lower cholesterol levels and regulates blood sugar.

4. Garlicgarlic

Armed with various anti-oxidants is one best resource for most infections. Make oil extract from garlic and your ear infection will vanish easily and naturally with just a few drops of garlic oil.

5. Turmericproduct_turmeric
Turmeric boosts a reputable position in ayurvedic medicine. It has a component called as curcurim which can help reduce inflammation specifically, arthritis pain. It is also best to heal any internal or external wounds because of the it’s natural anti inflammatory property.

6. Blueberriesblueberries

Crowned as one of the most potent food in defying minor and serious health conditions are Blueberries. Daily consumption of blueberries attests to lessen any urinary tract infections. Blueberries are rich in Tannis compound which can address infection caused by the bacteria in the bladder and prevent it in spreading.

7. Probioticsyogurt

Probiotics are live cultured bacteria that can address painful symptoms linked with PMS. This is mostly found in yogurt. So, eating yogurt is considered as a calming food that settles your nervous system especially when you are having hormonal fluctuations.

The list can go on for natural painkillers, but I hope this can give you a head start to look for natural sources and ways in dealing with pains.

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