Is it Time to Change Your Doctor?

doc4Doctors. Don’t you love them? But let’s not start by bashing the medical profession! Some of my best and most trusted friends are doctors and I have enormous respect for their knowledge and dedication. The problem, as they’ll freely admit, is that their training is mostly based on research that was conducted decades ago and medicine is notoriously slow to adapt to changes in practices and protocols. And it’s a fast-moving area of concern.

The better doctors are aware of this dilemma and strive to keep up to date with the latest revelations and conclusions that are published from rigourous research and scientific exploration. True, our understanding of the human body is changing, but mainstream medicine is sometimes medieval in its approaches and orthodoxy. That might explain why more people die in the U.S. from prescription medication than from gunshot wounds. You might like to think about that for a moment! doc3

The myths and misconceptions surrounding medical advice often produce harmful recommendations and now, with the support and encouragement of my medical buddies, this seems like a great moment to tip the balance in favour of some good, solid and positively beneficial advice.

Let’s start with diet. If there’s one area in your life where extremism pays the highest dividends – it’s your daily diet. We know that focusing on natural, unprocessed food is the key to reversing countless health problems, extending lifespan and maximising good health and vitality.

The gut seems to hold the key to so many health issues that feeding it with high quality, fresh vegetable produce is the simplest and most effective way to harmonise the body and eliminate the risk of serious illness. It’s that simple.

Losing unwanted weight, reversing chronic diseases, boosting energy levels, rejuvenating the body, staying fit and healthy – all from an intelligent approach to nutrition. That means natural, local, organic and fresh with an emphasis on veggies. It’s one of the most important contributions you can make to your health.

You’ll feel the difference. You’ll see the difference. And people around you will notice the difference too. Spread the word. It’s just too important to ignore.

Next item on the super health agenda is the favourite target of the medical profession – vitamin and mineral supplements. Despite the readiness of doctors to throw prescribed drugs at almost every health problem, regardless of the potentially damaging side effects, many are wildly opposed to taking vitamins.

docYet the evidence is clear that supplements are an extremely effective way to boost health and vitality. We know that there are some areas of confusion but the fact is that a handful of essential nutrients can work wonders in promoting cellular health, metabolising food and assisting in enzyme reactions.

And yes – my dear doctor friends all take supplements and recommend them to friends and family every single day. Because they work.

The third area on our pathway to total health that truly deserves a complete overhaul is our attitude towards sleep. The fact is that too few people either sleep well or get enough sleep. And that’s scary. It’s partly our culture and our manic reliance on electronic communication devices that keeps us awake at night, over-stimulated and stressed, far too active and restless, that’s ends us scurrying to the medicine cabinet and a prescription to help us sleep or relax.

Of course, the dear doctor doesn’t mention that even taking fewer than 18 sleeping pills a year increases the risk of dying by threefold. Increase the number of pills consumed and the risk of death increases fivefold! Didn’t your doctor mention that when they wrote out the prescription? Must’ve forgotten! doc7

So how do we deal with poor sleep? Firstly, say No to the sleeping pills. They’re not to resolve your problem. Abolish all electronic devices from the bedroom. No reading and no TV. That’s right. You need to rest. You need to sleep. Turn down the temperature and get rid of all those little blue electric lights that flash and glow on your bedside clock and electronic devices. Breathe more deeply. Relax every muscle in your body. Tell yourself calmly and firmly that you’re going to sleep wonderfully well and wake up feeling fantastically refreshed. Calm down. Get comfortable. Slip into a deeply restorative sleep.

There are countless examples of pioneering doctors facing ridicule as they challenged the prevailing orthodoxy of their day and offered evidence for revolutionary breakthroughs in medical knowledge and understanding.

doc1The problem is that too many medical practitioners are trapped in outdated approaches to human health and frequently offer well-intentioned advice that is breaking the first principle of medicine – do no harm. Heed the best advice and follow the latest research.

Stay with us and we’ll share the exciting news on the latest breakthroughs and developments. It’s your health. It’s your life. And you deserve the best.

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