Growing Younger Disgracefully

IMG_4013If you could find a magical potion that turned back time and restored your body to vibrant youthfulness, would that be the most exciting news of the decade? Would that be something to celebrate? It’s an important point to consider because we see exactly that kind of dubious promise every single day from the multi-billion dollar cosmetics industry that offers us the appearance of youthfulness but does nothing to influence the underlying causes of ageing. The cosmetics industry can only disguise the effects of time, masking the surface appearance of lines and wrinkles and offering only token resistance to the obvious signs of ageing.

Modern research suggests that our bodies can age much faster than normal as a result of stress. We suffer from environmental stresses most of the time due to the levels of pollution in the air, in the water and in our food and, when we add the toxic ingredient of sustained stress, it’s easy to understand why our bodies can suffer from the effects of accelerated ageing. After all, the largest organ in our bodies is our skin and it’s often the first place that we spot those tell-tale signs of ageing. If we really want to slow down the process of ageing and restore our bodies to a more vital and energized state of youthfulness, we need to take control of our stress response and start to fuel our bodies with the kind of nutrition that favors glowing health, vibrant well being and natural resistance to ageing. IMG_3732

This is the time to tap into our natural capacity to restore and repair our bodies from the inside and, if there’s a genuine and reliable secret to sustained youthfulness, it can be found in our diet and in our ability to turn down our over-active stress response. These methods don’t wash off like the day’s make up. These methods affect the body at a cellular level and open up a whole new approach to living life with boundless energy, vitality and a body that renews itself every day. From the inside.

coverDownload PALEO Diet & Lifestyle: Growing Younger Disgracefully the PALEO Way and create a total transformation to look and feel younger. Written by one of the world’s leading experts on health, nutrition and wellbeing, no doubt that this is the essential manual on turning back the biological clock, on maintaining peak health and vitality and living life to the full at every point in your life.

The myth of eternal youth may remain a charming fairy story but the power of re-generating long-term youthfulness is now within our reach.

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