1. Cheeky Cherry Crispcoverpic
2. Stunning Key Lime Pie
3. Mouthwatering Dark Chocolate Cherry Scones
4. Delectable Cocoa-Nut Apples
5. Fruity Fruit Salad
6. Delicious Almond Butter Banana
7. Outstanding Hazelnut Banana
8. Cookies with Dark Chocolate
9. Lemon Almond Delight
10. Ginger Vanilla Extravaganza
11. Cute Cupcakes Recipe
12. Strawberry Chessecake Delight
13. Creative Cardamom Cupcakes
14. Apple, almond & blackberry Bonanza
15. Almond Happiness Bars
16. Sexy Coconut Crack Bars
17. Best Banana Nut Bread
18. Lemonny Lemon Delights
19. Macadamia Pineapple Bonanza
20. Pretty Pumpkin Delights
21. Sexy Dessert Pan
22. Spiced Apple Bake
23. Peachy Creamy Peaches
24. Creamy Berrie Pie
25. Choco – Coconut Berry Ice
26. Cheeky Cherry Ice
27. Creamy Caramely Ice Cream
28. Berry Ice Cream and Almond Delight
29. Eastern Spice Delights
30. Absolute Almond Bites
31. Apple Spice Spectacular
32. Choco Coco Cookies
33. Chococups
34. Choco – Almond Delights
35. Fetching Fudge
36. Nut Butter Truffles
37. Extra Dark Choco Delight
38. Chestnut- Cacao Cake
39. Apple Cinnamon Walnut Bonanza
40. Peach and Almond Cake
41. Choco Triple Delight
42. Choco Cookie Delight
43. Best Ever Banana Surprise Cake
44. Coco – Walnut Brownie Bites
45. Choco-coco Brownies
46. Spectacular Spinach Brownies
47. Secret Brownies
48. Pristine Pumpkin Divine
49. Rose Banana Delicious Brownies
50. Fabulous Brownie Treats

It’s a marriage made in heaven and a mouth-watering dream come true! Who said healthy eating had to be bland, boring and tasteless? Get ready to celebrate because you’re about to taste the yummiest desserts from the gal who’s dedicated to making your health and wellbeing a totally delicious experience. Fabulous flavours, tongue-teasing delights, a feast for your taste-buds – all whipped up from the healthiest ingredients and still strictly in line with the life-enhancing principles of the celebrated Paleo-Epigenetic Diet revolution. Natural weight control, perfectly aligned with your body’s blueprint for health and energy, designed and attuned to make tasty desserts a welcome addition to your daily meal-planning agenda. Smile! Dessert just got to be super-healthy!!

The Paleo-Epigenetic Diet respects the body’s evolutionary development and reflects the latest cutting-edge research into diet, nutrition and the connection between a naturally healthy gut and the suppression of many diseases associated with the modern life style. Avoiding processed foods wherever possible, eliminating processed sugars and grains, the Paleo-Epigenetic Diet recognises the breakthroughs in medical research that highlight the body’s responses to environmental influences. Genes that could trigger disease remain switched off. Calming down a hyper-active and over-stressed auto-immune system, restoring the body to a natural fat-burning mode that sheds unwanted and unnecessary pounds, bringing balance to the entire organism – these are some of the amazing benefits of following an intelligent and life-changing nutritional programme that fuels the body and eliminates the toxins that cause so many problems.

And this super-smart nutritional programme is utterly delicious! You don’t have to give up flavour to feel fabulously well. You’ve got cheeky, lemony, creamy, choco, spicy, sexy, fruity and a host of other amazing flavour combinations to entice, enthral and reward you for eating exactly the way your body deserves. Rather than starving your body with fad diets or stuffing yourself with harmful ‘empty’ calories, you can finally eat healthily, celebrate mealtimes and discover the miracle of improved health and wellbeing whilst turning your metabolism into a personal fat-burning incinerator. The science of intelligent eating just became a whole lot more interesting and a whole lot more delicious! Raising a forkful of fabulous dessert to your health and wellbeing. Enjoy!

Grab your copy of PALEO Diet: 50 Amazing Paleo Desserts and celebrate as you’re about to taste the yummiest desserts.

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