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PaleoDo you sometimes feel that your life could be much healthier, more enjoyable and a lot more fun? It’s hard to enjoy life to the full when your health has been compromised and your energy reserves just seem to have evaporated, leaving you feeling tired and listless. And the way we eat plays a big part in how much energy we can have for enjoyment and health.

We’ve spent most of our existence as a species living in the wilds, living on animal protein, roots, nuts and vegetables and the occasional piece of fruit. No, I’m not suggesting that we should abandon our amazing technology and the comforts of civilisation and go back to living in caves! Might be fun for a weekend but that’s not the mission. Our bodies evolved to function very efficiently on that hunter-gatherer diet and we’re now beginning to understand that many ‘modern’ diseases can be traced to the agricultural revolution and our eventual dependence on grains.

Research points the finger at grains and the inflammatory response that results from our grain-rich diet. We became so dependent on wheat, oats, barley, rice that these grains became our staple foods. The problem is that we haven’t adapted to these basic foods and, when we add the corrosive effects of a sugar-rich diet to the equation, we end up with a formula for disease, low energy, extraordinary weight gain and a host of unpleasant side effects. The answer? It really couldn’t be simpler. Eat the way your body evolved to eat and get ready to be astonished at the results. New energy, improved health, unwanted weight loss, clearer skin, longer life – how much incentive do you need? Get on the Paleo track today. The food’s so delicious, your taste buds will sending you Thank You notes. And your body will never be the same again.


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The Paleo Epigenetic Diet Revolution

unnamedDo you feel you have enough energy to get through the day? Most people don’t seem to have enough energy to get out of bed in the morning! But what if the whole energy problem could be connected to diet? What if a simple change in diet could re-charge our batteries and give us the energy our bodies need to power us through the day?

The answer is much easier than you might think. All we need to do is take a good look at how our bodies have developed over the past couple of hundred thousand years and understand how we evolved to choose foods that were super healthy for us, foods that our bodies evolved to thrive on, foods that could give us all the energy we needed plus a powerful sense of inner wellbeing.

The most natural diet we can choose today reflects our ancient heritage and our digestive preference for the most natural, unprocessed food that we can find. The answer lies in the Paleo diet, a perfect connection to the way our bodies adapted to our environment over uncounted millennia. Now you can give your body the fuel it craves. Now you can finally undo the damage of the modern, grain-rich diet and discover a whole new level of wellbeing. Wake up feeling refreshed.

Burn off those unwanted pounds. Feel the buzz of your body’s renewed and fully charged batteries. Get on the Paleo programme today and feel the difference. Your body deserves it!

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The Skinny Delicious Series: Master Your Emotional Eating ( Free Yourself from Overeating Forever): Your Binge Eating and Compulsive Eating Cure

The Skinny Delicious uses Your Own EPIGENETIC Expression to make sure YOU lose the weight!

Do you love to eat? Do you really enjoy food? Join the club! Most of us take great pleasure from our daily sustenance  but did you know that certain foods can help to heal your body more effectively than conventional medicines? Food really is nature’s finest medicine but you need to make sure you’re choosing exactly the right foods.

As a nutritionist specialising in the revolutionary field of functional medicine, I advise people every day about the best foods they can eat to prevent, treat and even reverse chronic disease. We focus on foods that are packed with nutrients, the essential energy sources that our bodies crave to promote total health and well being.
But food choice and diets are complicated areas that can produce a great deal of unnecessary confusion. One of the challenges when working within this complex area is the contradictory information that’s often published by well-meaning enthusiasts. You can read that a Vegan diet is great for weight loss, that it can reverse diabetes and lower cholesterol. But studies report similar results for the Paleo diet books that fill our bookshelves. The problem is that researchers are often highly selective about the data they report. They look for the evidence that will support their conclusions or philosophies. No wonder things can get a little confusing!
But help is at hand. The Epigenetic Diet Revolution features the best elements from both Vegan and Paleo and delivers great results not just in terms of weight control but also as a powerful enhancement to total well being.
The Epigenetic Diet Revolution is a breath of fresh air in the world of healthy eating and favours the following approaches:
  1. Very low in terms of glycemic load, meaning zero sugar, zero grain flour and zero refined carbohydrates of any kind.
  2. High in fresh vegetables and low fructose fruits. The deeper the colours, the more variety, the better. These are the characteristics of a high phytonutrient content, the key to protection against most diseases.
  3. No pesticides, antibiotics or hormones and no GMO foods.
  4. No chemicals, additives, preservatives, dyes, MSG, artificial sweeteners except stevia
  5. Higher in good-quality fats from olive oil, nuts, seeds, coconuts and avocados.
  6. Adequate protein for appetite control and muscle synthesis.
  7. Organic, local, fresh foods should form the majority of your diet.
  8. Avoid dairy. The main reason to abandon dairy (according to respected medical opinion) is that it is a source of inflammation. Whilst there some individuals who can tolerate the casein in dairy, for most it contributes to obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and cancer and may increase (not decrease) the risk of osteoporosis.

The Epigenetic View on….

1. Grains.

For millions of people around the world, a grain-rich diet provides far too much gluten, which in turn creates inflammation, digestive issues, IBS, weight gain and obesity.

2. Beans.

Beans might score highly as a great source of fiber, protein, and minerals but, unfortunately, they create digestive problems. Beans contain lectins and they create inflammation. They also contain phytates, which reduce mineral absorption.

3. Meat.

The Paleo approach favours animal meat. But not all meat is created equally. Eating sustainably raised, clean meat, poultry and lamb can be a part of a healthy diet. Aside from the moral question of eating animals, meat consumption also adds enormous strain to the planet, including more water use, more rapid climate change and more energy use. Eat meat as a balanced addition to your overall meal, and only consume grass-fed, line caught, wild or sustainably raised animal protein.

4. Eggs.

Eggs have been exonerated and don’t have any impact on cholesterol and are not associated with increased risk of heart disease. They provide a great low-cost source of vital nutrients and protein.

5. Fish.

Choose small, omega-3 fat-rich fish such as sardines or wild salmon to minimise mercury. If you are a Vegan, you need omega-3 fats, and not just the alpha linolenic acid (ALA) found in plants. You need preformed DHA, which is what most of your brain is made from. Look for an algae-derived DHA supplement. Everyone needs vitamin D3. For vegans, vitamin B12 is also critical.

The Skinny Delicious Diet and I…3 Months later!

By Lina Chahrour, European Commission

I am right now on my 3rd month of being on The Skinny Delicious Diet, which I thought I would give up, and in fact, I am still continuing it and it became an unconscious part of my daily life. I don’t even feel that I am on a diet! I don’t crave bread, pasta and pizza like I used to in the past!

One woman at the gym whom I barely knew came up to me the other day and told me: “Oooh I see you lost a lot of weight! I have been observing you, and you really lost a lot of weight since you started to come 3 months ago! What did you do? You see I come to the gym, but I can’t lose weight!” I couldn’t help but show my excitement. I explained to her that I have been applying the Skinny Delicious Diet, which made me lose all the weight. She was so impressed that now we always have a lively chat when we bump into each other! At most cases, people need to see results when applying something (especially a diet) and this is what is happening with The Skinny Delicious Diet! It gave me spectacular results! I also had an elderly man who was telling me a month ago how hard he was struggling to lose weight. So I referred him to the Skinny Delicious Diet, and just by applying one of its advices and cutting down on foods that cause cholesterol (as he explained to me as he cannot resist fatty foods), he lost 4 kilos in one month!

I thought that during the Christmas holidays I would gain weight due to the abundance and richness of food, but I actually didn’t and I even lost more weight than I would on a normal working day, because I didn’t feel very hungry, and on top of that I didn’t have any food cravings! When I wake up late in the morning (especially during the weekends), I usually have one meal a day during late afternoon (and a very light dinner like soup if I am hungry), as I have 3 coffees in the morning, and therefore, I don’t feel very hungry. I am aware that I should have 3 meals a day and not drink a lot of coffee, but we all have our naughty habits!

The most wonderful news is that I lost 2 more dress sizes, and I am right now a size small in most clothes. That means that I will have to do some shopping, but with nicer clothes and a different style, which allows me to be more flattering, whereas before, I wore large clothes that hid my features, because I didn’t want to show my lumps. I got rid of many clothes, which I now find too big, and I think to myself: “was I that big??” I sometimes cannot recognise myself in my new body. It is very surprising and unusual, but at the same time, it feels great!

For many years, I used to look sloppy in pictures, because of my bad posture (which improved a lot with taking Pilates classes) and my weight. During the last 4 years, I used to avoid taking pictures of myself because I used to feel ugly. I even avoided registering in dating websites. I didn’t want to put a nice picture of myself from the past, and then if I met a man and he saw that I was fat, he would probably leave me. Being overweight destroyed my self-confidence that I also completely lost hope about being able to meet a man and to be loved. I thought I was done for my whole life because I felt old and fat at 33! Now, thanks to The Skinny Delicious Diet, I found again my photogenic self, and I have hopes to be able to meet a man one day. Let’s see!

At least, men are now treating me in a different way. They stare at me, they smile at me, they try to make a conversation with me, whereas in the past, they were not that attentive to me and they even used to be rude to me. I even had many remarks from male friends about being overweight, that I should stop eating a lot, whereas my main problem was not in the quantity of food I ate, but rather the quality. I used to hate vegetables, and I was living on processed foods. My fake friends were gluten and dairy, especially milk and cheese.

To put it in a practical way, on Christmas Eve, I decided to eat Raclette, which is some kind of cheese that you melt in a machine, and which is a traditional food used in many European countries during the Christmas period. After that, you won’t believe how bloated I felt, and it lasted for 2 days to the point that I almost couldn’t eat anything!

Another example was that on a Saturday two weeks ago, I didn’t have any vegetables left except from potatoes (which I didn’t touch for the past 3 months). So I decided to make some Gratin Dauphinois, which I used to make a lot in the past, where I use evaporated milk in a can. You couldn’t imagine how bad I felt afterwards because of the milk. I had acid burn for 2 days, and my face developed some strange pimples. Whereas when I am on The Skinny Delicious Diet, my face is so clear that I don’t need any face powder, and my body feels great.

On a final note, I am really grateful for the Skinny Delicious Diet and for all the benefits it is providing me especially that it is attracting the attention of many people who are coming to me to tell me that I lost weight. And I am going to make a naughty confession: I still eat chocolate, and lots of it, and despite this, I am losing weight! Stay tuned because I will come back soon with more news!

Diets: The Skinny Delicious Diet (Your Smart Paleo Genetic Pathway to a Skinnier New You) Free 21 day Detox (Over 100 Paleo Vegan Recipes) Your Best Solution … Loss (Free from a Excess Fat Forever)

Are you an Emotional Eater?

Emotional Eater
Emotional eating results in…..

1. Unwanted weight and fat
2. Feelings of unworthiness
3. Over dependence on food
Check now if you need help in this area…
Is there any truth in these statements

……food is my friend and I would find it tricky to give up eating the way I do.

…..when life gets too stressful food tastes so comforting

… life would be too unbearable without eating what I want.

…..I crave  junk food and the taste it gives me.

……eating less would make me feel deprived….

…..since I am not perfect it feels like there’s no point in eating properly

…..I need the reward of food to feel fulfilled

… protects me from the world

…..I can’t deal with anybody or anything telling me to stop eating what I want.

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The Skinny Delicious Diet and I…4 weeks later!

By Lina Chahrour, European Commission

Delicious Diet

Four weeks has passed since the Skinny Delicious Diet knocked into my life and revolutionised it. There have been further changes, which are starting to become more explicit.

Yesterday, before stepping in the shower at the end of the day, I took the scale which I left resting for over a month and went on it…surprise, surprise, the needle moved from 70 kg to 65 kg!! I couldn’t believe it. In only one month, I lost 5 kilos!

The Skinny Delicious Diet affected my clothing size too. I even now am able to fit into size Small dresses, whereas for 4 years, I had to fit into Medium and Large dresses, and yet, wear gains in order to hide the defects of my belly and thighs. Now, I don’t even need a gain, and I fit into a size Small!

Last weekend, I went to a store to buy a bra for the gym, and, and as Brussels is known to have one of the “best” customer services in the World, you can’t get a bra fitting service in many stores, even if it is a lingerie store! When you ask a saleswoman if they do bra fitting, she gives you one of the strangest and horrible looks as if you just landed from another planet, grabs a bra you didn’t even chose from a drawer, and tells you in an arrogant tone almost shouting at you: “Huh Mais eeeeuh Madame we never do that! This is your size. This will look perfect on you!”

As I was used to always buy extra-large bras, which looked like a gladiator armour and made me feel complexed about my body (as if women with large breasts are condemned to wear ugly bras), I didn’t think that my size would have changed. I picked up a size Large, as in my mind I needed a Large, without trying it. When I arrived home, I tried on the bra, and to my surprise, it was big!! I was happy to have shrinked in size because now I will be able to buy normal-looking bras and feel attractive which I never did in many years!


As for my hair, it became shinier and it is growing faster than ever. I had the bad luck to fall into a hairdresser last February who cut my hair very short, so convinced that it would look great on me! I used to go to the hairdresser every 2 weeks and spend tons of money because every time, there was something that needed to be fixed. Now, I don’t even need to go to the hairdresser that regularly and my hair looks great!

To be more specific, The Skinny Delicious Diet is not only a Diet, but a lifestyle! Thanks to the Skinny Delicious Diet, I am able to spend less money on food, and on quality rather than quantity, which has a zero-waste effect, whereas in the past, I used to throw a lot of unnecessary food in the bin, and therefore, money!!

I used to eat a lot of chicken, which made me develop a lot of facial hair, and with the lack of Sun in Belgium, these hair were often black! So I needed to have a wax almost every 2 weeks! Last Saturday, I went to the beautician for my regular facial wax, and she told me: “ooh you have less hair, and now it is blonde, whereas before, it was black!” This is another miracle of the Skinny Delicious Diet! Instead of eating a lot of chicken, the Skinny Delicious Diet taught me to eat more Turkey, which was not only delicious, but was contained less hormones than chicken and reduced my facial hair.

The Skinny Delicious Diet makes you become beautiful, and I never felt as beautiful as I feel now! It allows you to love yourself and take care of yourself. I am looking forward for more changes!

Last but not least, I also received many compliments from friends and colleagues telling me how much I lost weight and many are starting to apply the Skinny Delicious Diet into their daily habits!

Diets: The Skinny Delicious Diet (Your Smart Paleo Genetic Pathway to a Skinnier New You) Free 21 day Detox (Over 100 Paleo Vegan Recipes) Your Best Solution … Loss (Free from a Excess Fat Forever)