Taking care of your health and wellbeing

vegetable-755723_1280Why don’t more of us believe that we can take care of our health and wellbeing problems? There are countless examples in the world of people opting for surgery rather than dealing with their physical problems with a measure of discipline and a splash of will power. Many years ago, for example, I met an orthopedic surgeon who stated in the clearest possible terms that most of the back problems that he worked on could be dramatically improved with a simple course in postural correction. But his patients preferred to opt for the risks of surgery, something that our surgeon friend considered as a bizarre sign of madness. We know that we can safely release many back problems without surgical intervention but we still encounter this disturbing attitude that demands that someone else to do the work for us. This also seems to be highly relevant to the world of weight loss.

To be fair, the weight loss industry generates billions of Dollars every year in turnover and it has to be considered as a business. The slimming products, the pills, the powders, the potions all generate a vast amount of revenue. They were not created as a charitable act of goodwill to combat the explosion in obesity rates. They were made to make money. Period. And the marketing efforts that push these products under our noses at every turn may be providing a disservice to overweight people because the answer to natural weight loss is much simpler and a lot less expensive than most people realise.

When we grasp the significance of the latest research into the human metabolism, we can see so clearly that by restricting grain consumption, eliminating sugars and limiting dairy consumption, we can restore a natural balance to our bodies that will trigger extremely effective fat-burning and a quite extraordinary increase in our mental and physical energy levels. This is not some miracle cure that comes in a conveniently packaged bottle of pills or powders. This is your body returning to its natural state of optimum functioning, a perfectly balanced condition where excess fat is burned off and all those nasty side effects such as bloating, skin rashes, discomfort, constipation and a host of other, ompletely avoidable conditions are eliminated forever.

51xOMgWEeJL._SX352_BO1,204,203,200_Rather than buying a lifetime’s supply of ineffective snake-oil cures, a healthy approach to eating well, knowing you can eat as much as your body needs, will promote natural and surprisingly rapid excess weight loss whilst enhancing your health and wellbeing. The miracle is that we truly understand so much more today about how the body really works and we can use that knowledge to restore balance and health to our bodies, quietly, gently, swiftly and efficiently, succeeding without the need for surgery, interventions, starvation diets or crazy diets. That surely deserves the title of miracle!

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PKE Diet Revolution

image5Trying to lose weight? Taming those extra pounds and getting your body into a healthier, leaner condition can be very frustrating – especially if you don’t know what your body really needs. But many of the answers to our health and weight loss issues can be traced to our evolution as a species and our adaptation to some very challenging conditions on the wild and ancient plains of Africa.

For hundreds of thousands of years, our distant ancestors did not have access to cultivated grains. For most of our existence as a species, we were hunter-gatherers and we simply did not consume grains. It was only during the development of agriculture around twelve thousand years ago that we began the long road to controlling and managing our food supplies, creating surpluses and laying the foundations of the earliest civilisations. The problem is that we haven’t fully adapted to a grain-rich diet and the new glutens that are present in the high-yield wheat that was developed since the 1970s produce inflammatory reactions that have been linked to a range of serious health conditions. The explosion in obesity rates is just one highly visible part of the problem.

The PKE Diet Revolution takes a scientifically researched approach to these issues, drawing on the conclusions from the highly respected field of Functional Medicine, and starts by removing gluten from the diet. It’s surprising how many people around the world suffer from mild allergic reactions to gluten but it’s equally encouraging to see the dramatic improvements in health and weight control as soon as gluten is removed from the daily diet.

It sounds so simple but gluten is a potential source of imbalance in the intestinal flora and this disturbance in the complex world of the digestive system can lead to serious health problems.

Paleo CookbookThe PKE Diet Revolution has been designed to restore vibrant health to every part of the body and to make effective weight loss a natural and effortless part of the road to total wellness. Your body knows exactly what it needs to burn the excess fat. Your body knows precisely what it needs to work as beautifully as nature intended. The PKE Diet Revolution optimises every evolutionary advantage that your body possesses to be leaner, fitter, stronger and healthier. It’s only natural. And it feels better than you’d ever imagine.

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