Talking About Men’s Health

Attachment (5)This has to be great time to be a man. One of the greatest breakthroughs in modern medical research has been the discovery of how our bodies respond to different food types. Growing up in a world that’s witnessed an unprecedented explosion in obesity rates has caused many men to believe that being seriously overweight is somehow inevitable. But that’s just not true. Burning off the excess pounds and restoring our bodies to a fitter, slimmer and stronger profile has never been easier. And the answer is shining like a beacon in the brilliantly effective Paleo Diet, a way of eating that reflects the way our bodies have evolved over hundreds of thousands of years and the shortest pathway between overweight and healthily slim. This is incredibly good news for men’s health because millions of men are suffering from an excess of body fat and all the risks associated with being overweight.

Yet we live in an age where more and more men are being persuaded to seek drastic answers to their body image questions. For example, more and more men are undergoing surgical procedures to remove belly fat and change the way they appear. Despite the state of the global economy, the annual expenditure on cosmetic surgery is rocketing upwards every year and this seems very strange because there really are better alternatives to reversing the effects of time and poor diet than a hospital appointment and a very expensive surgeon’s scalpel.

imagesThe research clearly identifies the wide range of health problems associated with consuming grains and sugars and, since grains and sugars are virtually everywhere in our daily diet, it’s no wonder that our waistlines are expanding and our bellies are ballooning. But you can change this. Men are beginning to learn about the most natural way to kick-start their fat-burning potential and transform their metabolism from fat-storing to fat-burning. The pounds just drop off and you don’t have to become a fitness nut to enjoy the most amazing results.

The key to the Paleo Diet for men is that we now know how to eat intelligently to maximise our health and get our metabolism back online, getting it to work at optimum efficiency. Once this happens, everything starts to work the way Nature intended and the benefits filter through into every spect of our lives.

cover (1)Besides this powerful and natural way to lose weight permanently, there are additional benefits to restoring a healthy balance to the intestinal flora. Our modern diet of grains, sugars and highly-processed foods can cause tremendous disruption to our intestinal flora, allowing the growth of hostile bacteria, viruses, fungus and mould. Some exponents of Functional Medicine have identified these imbalances as a source of major disease. By re-balancing the intestinal flora and re-colonising the gut with friendly organisms, it’s possible to avoid an extraordinary array of potentlal health problems. This is undoubtedly the future of medicine. But you can enjoy the benefits today. All you need to do is follow the principles laid out in the Paleo Diet and your life can change for the better in a matter of weeks. Now that really is a miracle!

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Mastering a Magnificent Menopause

We live in a very different world to the one our parents grew up in. Only a few decades ago, menopause was treated as the irreversible sign of the beginning of the end, the inevitable approach of old age and a slow decline in physical and mental health and overall well being. How times have changed! Now we look at menopause and see the exact opposite. Menopause today heralds the start of a whole new level of freedom, fitness and complete wellness. And much of that revolution in our understanding of menopause is a result of the latest research into the way that our lifestyle and, above all, our nutrition influences the quality of our lives at every level.

The science of intelligent nutrition is changing the way we influence our health. Even the process of menopause is being tamed and controlled by giving the body the nutrients it really needs, re-balancing the body and smoothing the process of hormonal change that can give you a leaner, fitter, stronger and more energized body than you ever thought possible. IMG_4280This is a magnificent message of hope for millions of women around the world. We can break our dependency on artificial hormones, burn off the excess fat the way Nature intended, boost our energy levels and embrace life as a completely enjoyable experience. And nutrition is the key. Menopause can mark the start of the best time of our lives. All that accumulated wisdom and experience in an energized, rejuvenated body. It’s often been said that youthfulness is wasted in the young. Now youthfulness is no longer the preserve of the young – it’s a vital and vigorous attribute that can stay with us throughout entire lives. Learning to eat smart is the way forwards….now You can find out how!

Happy menopause !….

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Growing Younger Disgracefully

IMG_4013If you could find a magical potion that turned back time and restored your body to vibrant youthfulness, would that be the most exciting news of the decade? Would that be something to celebrate? It’s an important point to consider because we see exactly that kind of dubious promise every single day from the multi-billion dollar cosmetics industry that offers us the appearance of youthfulness but does nothing to influence the underlying causes of ageing. The cosmetics industry can only disguise the effects of time, masking the surface appearance of lines and wrinkles and offering only token resistance to the obvious signs of ageing.

Modern research suggests that our bodies can age much faster than normal as a result of stress. We suffer from environmental stresses most of the time due to the levels of pollution in the air, in the water and in our food and, when we add the toxic ingredient of sustained stress, it’s easy to understand why our bodies can suffer from the effects of accelerated ageing. After all, the largest organ in our bodies is our skin and it’s often the first place that we spot those tell-tale signs of ageing. If we really want to slow down the process of ageing and restore our bodies to a more vital and energized state of youthfulness, we need to take control of our stress response and start to fuel our bodies with the kind of nutrition that favors glowing health, vibrant well being and natural resistance to ageing. IMG_3732

This is the time to tap into our natural capacity to restore and repair our bodies from the inside and, if there’s a genuine and reliable secret to sustained youthfulness, it can be found in our diet and in our ability to turn down our over-active stress response. These methods don’t wash off like the day’s make up. These methods affect the body at a cellular level and open up a whole new approach to living life with boundless energy, vitality and a body that renews itself every day. From the inside.

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The myth of eternal youth may remain a charming fairy story but the power of re-generating long-term youthfulness is now within our reach.

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