Paleo Bundle

cover3Is there a magic bullet for many of our modern diseases? Can we really undo the years of abuse and eliminate the frustration that masquerades as fad dieting and finally lose all those unwanted pounds? Can we turn back the hands of time and regain our lost vigour, energy and youthfulness? The answer might be surprisingly simple.

As a professional nutritionist and life-style specialist, I’ve been privileged to witness extraordinary changes in people’s bodies and in the quality of their lives as a direct result of improving their food intake. That’s right. One of the fastest and most effective ways to burn off all those stubborn, excess pounds and restore natural levels of vibrant and vigorous health is to eliminate all the harmful foods that make up the typical modern diet and start to eat the way our bodies really love to be fuelled. It’s called smart nutrition and it’s one of the most important developments to emerge from the amazing revolution in medical research of the past three decades.

The basis for the smart nutrition movement is the important recognition that our bodies haven’t changed very much in the past few hundred thousand years. The way our distant ancestors survived and evolved as highly-efficient hunter-gatherers can still be clearly observed in our anatomy and in our digestive systems right up to the present day. The smart nutrition movement has identified the advantages of eating more naturally and has led to the super-efficient Paleo Diet that encourages healthier eating and an avoidance of processed foods. More importantly, the Paleo Diet identifies the problems associated with consuming grains. As a species, humans have been cultivating and consuming large quantities of grains for the last ten thousand years or so and, putting it simply, we haven’t adapted successfully to the agricultural revolution. Grains can produce a wide variety of inflammatory effects, reactions that have been linked to a wide variety of diseases and illnesses that can be largely avoided with a change in diet. This might prove to be some of the most important medical news of the century.

The other foodstuff that is causing huge problems for our health is sugar. Whether it’s naturally occurring or processed, the research points very clearly to the dangers of having sugar in our diet. And, as you may know, sugar is added to most of the food we consume every day in our highly-processed, western diet.

So the obvious answer is to reduce grain consumption and eliminate sugar from our daily diet. We are free to consume moderate amounts of lean, organic protein, all the leafy green vegetables we want and, perhaps most intriguing of all, a lot more fat. Does that surprise you? Despite the modern emphasis on fat-free or low-fat food and the unavoidable truth that people are just getting fatter and fatter, we now know that we really need a lot more fat in our diets in order to stimulate our bodies to burn our stored reserves of fat.

With this ground-breaking knowledge to guide us, we can look forward to creating new levels of health and fitness just by modifying the quality of the food we eat. Yes, we normally benefit from moderate exercise too and I’m always keen to encourage people to move their bodies every day. But the influence of our food choices on our health even at a cellular level, cannot be over-estimated. We’re slowly waking up to the realisation that we really are what we eat and now the key to robust health and fitness and vigorous longevity can be found on the end of our forks. Eat well!

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Paleo Juices, Soups and Smoothies

61fuO8X-YqL._SX398_BO1,204,203,200_Have you noticed that there isn’t always enough time to do all the things you need to do? It happens to all of us. We make plans, we set out with the best of intentions and then we run out of time. This shows up a lot when it comes to important areas such as exercise and eating properly. Sometimes we just don’t have the time to prepare something delicious and nutritious and we end up grabbing something that’s fast, convenient and probably not very good for us! I know. It’s expedient. But this is a problem that could be a lot easier to solve than you might expect. Because you can get a ton of super-healthy nutrition in a minute or so by using juices, soups and smoothies. They’re so easy to prepare and so fast to get into a cup or a dish. So, if you’re one those busy people who just have the time to make a really healthy meal for yourself, this is one of the best ways for you to maintain a totally healthy lifestyle and still have time for other activities.

The great thing about juices, soups and smoothies is that you can keep some ready in the fridge. It only takes a minute to heat up some soup and most juices and smoothies can be enjoyed cold – straight from the fridge. But when it comes to juices, we need to be careful to avoid the sugar-rich fruits that can cause so many problems for our health. We already consume far too much sugar and the fructose in your fruit juice is as bad for you as the stuff they add to cans of soda. The healthier option is to use vegetables instead. You can add such wonderful nutrient-rich foods as celery, raw ginger, carrots, beets and a host of leafy green vegetables. All super nutritious and extremely helpful power source for boosting health and vitality at any time of the day or night. And these healthy alternatives can be so helpful for encouraging our bodies to burn fat, super-charging our metabolisms to shred the belly fat and cut away the unsightly, unwanted, excess pounds. That should be a great reason to get into the super-healthy routine of drinking juices, soups and smoothies but there are so many other benefits that boost your wellbeing, including the way that these amazing foods encourage your body to eliminate toxins. This can greatly assist your immune system and help you to become more resistant to bugs and infections.

By substituting these healthy alternatives for the more familiar, fast-food choices, you’ll be honouring your body and its amazing potential to be fit, strong, lean and healthy every day of your life. The less garbage you put into your system, the better you’ll look and feel. The more healthy food you select for your body, the more your health will improve.

So it really is possible to live a very busy life and still enjoy delicious, healthy and life-affirming foods that will make your life such a more pleasant experience. You’ll have more energy, more vigour and more enthusiasm for the great adventure of your life. And you’ll enjoy every mouthful of super-nutritious food along the way.

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Talking About Men’s Health

Attachment (5)This has to be great time to be a man. One of the greatest breakthroughs in modern medical research has been the discovery of how our bodies respond to different food types. Growing up in a world that’s witnessed an unprecedented explosion in obesity rates has caused many men to believe that being seriously overweight is somehow inevitable. But that’s just not true. Burning off the excess pounds and restoring our bodies to a fitter, slimmer and stronger profile has never been easier. And the answer is shining like a beacon in the brilliantly effective Paleo Diet, a way of eating that reflects the way our bodies have evolved over hundreds of thousands of years and the shortest pathway between overweight and healthily slim. This is incredibly good news for men’s health because millions of men are suffering from an excess of body fat and all the risks associated with being overweight.

Yet we live in an age where more and more men are being persuaded to seek drastic answers to their body image questions. For example, more and more men are undergoing surgical procedures to remove belly fat and change the way they appear. Despite the state of the global economy, the annual expenditure on cosmetic surgery is rocketing upwards every year and this seems very strange because there really are better alternatives to reversing the effects of time and poor diet than a hospital appointment and a very expensive surgeon’s scalpel.

imagesThe research clearly identifies the wide range of health problems associated with consuming grains and sugars and, since grains and sugars are virtually everywhere in our daily diet, it’s no wonder that our waistlines are expanding and our bellies are ballooning. But you can change this. Men are beginning to learn about the most natural way to kick-start their fat-burning potential and transform their metabolism from fat-storing to fat-burning. The pounds just drop off and you don’t have to become a fitness nut to enjoy the most amazing results.

The key to the Paleo Diet for men is that we now know how to eat intelligently to maximise our health and get our metabolism back online, getting it to work at optimum efficiency. Once this happens, everything starts to work the way Nature intended and the benefits filter through into every spect of our lives.

cover (1)Besides this powerful and natural way to lose weight permanently, there are additional benefits to restoring a healthy balance to the intestinal flora. Our modern diet of grains, sugars and highly-processed foods can cause tremendous disruption to our intestinal flora, allowing the growth of hostile bacteria, viruses, fungus and mould. Some exponents of Functional Medicine have identified these imbalances as a source of major disease. By re-balancing the intestinal flora and re-colonising the gut with friendly organisms, it’s possible to avoid an extraordinary array of potentlal health problems. This is undoubtedly the future of medicine. But you can enjoy the benefits today. All you need to do is follow the principles laid out in the Paleo Diet and your life can change for the better in a matter of weeks. Now that really is a miracle!

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Paleo for Ageless Men

cover (1)The challenge for all men to stay fit and healthy and enjoy all the benefits of being in great shape often leave us wondering how best to proceed. Great health and vitality are the products of taking the best possible care of our bodies and this becomes increasingly important as we get older. it isn’t simply a question of our calendar age either. As you may know, men’s bodies do not have to reflect all the years we’ve spent on this earth. In biological terms, our bodies can be much younger than the age that’s based on our date of birth. Of course, with enough neglect and abuse, a man’s body can be a lot older than his calendar age too! But once we realise how much control we can exercise on the ageing process, we can take steps to correct the damage we’ve inflicted on our bodies through poor nutrition, lack of exercise, too much stress, smoking, drinking and a host of other equally damaging pastimes! Once we make a commitment to respect the miracles of our own bodies, we can cut out smoking, cut down on alcohol and then take a serious and mature approach to our nutritional needs.

Nutrition is one of the most important areas that we can apply to men’s health and wellbeing needs because the results can transform our body’s reactions to the ageing process in a remarkably short time. Once we apply the deeply effective Paleo approach and cleanse our bodies of decades of toxins, things rapidly begin to change for the better. For example, even a man’s skin becomes clearer as the body repairs the damage of time. Oxidative stress can be neutralised. Our intestinal flora can be re-balanced and restored to optimal functioning. We can finally burn off that unsightly belly fat and lose the love handles forever. Our muscles become stronger and more toned. Men can take a look in the mirror once in a while and nod with approval at the obvious changes taking place in their bodies.We discover that we have a lot more energy. That vigour and vitality that we used to have in our youth suddenly re-emerges as our bodies start to burn fuel more efficiently. This in turn can boost our mental acuity and increase our cognitive awareness. We get younger! You really have to experience it for yourself to believe it.

One of the key areas that amply demonstrates our ability to take control of our health and get into much better shape has got to be our weight. We are certainly living in an era where obesity has become an epidemic, a global threat to health that is closely associated with far too many completely avoidable health problems. Many men undoubtedly struggle with their weight and the problem seems to become more difficult to solve as we get older. But with a simple change in nutrition, a switch to healthier, more natural food choices and the body will respond by transforming itself from a flabby, fat-storing entity to a fat-burning machine that will shred all the unwanted fat and reveal the leaner, trimmer version of you that you’ve dreamed of for years. That’s why the Paleo Diet represents such an important step forward for men of all ages. Sure, everything will work better and faster when you adopt the principles whilst you’re still young but these methods also work when we get older too. So it’s really never too late to experience the wonder of renewed vigour and youthfulness. it’s never too late to turn back the hands of time. It’s never too late to treat your body with the love, respect, care and attention that it truly deserves. Because it will happily pay you back with interest in so many ways for the rest of your life. And you will understand what it means to become the ageless man.

It’s never too late to experience the benefits of smart nutrition. Download here your very own copy of PALEO for Ageless Men with bonus recipes.

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Taking care of your health and wellbeing

vegetable-755723_1280Why don’t more of us believe that we can take care of our health and wellbeing problems? There are countless examples in the world of people opting for surgery rather than dealing with their physical problems with a measure of discipline and a splash of will power. Many years ago, for example, I met an orthopedic surgeon who stated in the clearest possible terms that most of the back problems that he worked on could be dramatically improved with a simple course in postural correction. But his patients preferred to opt for the risks of surgery, something that our surgeon friend considered as a bizarre sign of madness. We know that we can safely release many back problems without surgical intervention but we still encounter this disturbing attitude that demands that someone else to do the work for us. This also seems to be highly relevant to the world of weight loss.

To be fair, the weight loss industry generates billions of Dollars every year in turnover and it has to be considered as a business. The slimming products, the pills, the powders, the potions all generate a vast amount of revenue. They were not created as a charitable act of goodwill to combat the explosion in obesity rates. They were made to make money. Period. And the marketing efforts that push these products under our noses at every turn may be providing a disservice to overweight people because the answer to natural weight loss is much simpler and a lot less expensive than most people realise.

When we grasp the significance of the latest research into the human metabolism, we can see so clearly that by restricting grain consumption, eliminating sugars and limiting dairy consumption, we can restore a natural balance to our bodies that will trigger extremely effective fat-burning and a quite extraordinary increase in our mental and physical energy levels. This is not some miracle cure that comes in a conveniently packaged bottle of pills or powders. This is your body returning to its natural state of optimum functioning, a perfectly balanced condition where excess fat is burned off and all those nasty side effects such as bloating, skin rashes, discomfort, constipation and a host of other, ompletely avoidable conditions are eliminated forever.

51xOMgWEeJL._SX352_BO1,204,203,200_Rather than buying a lifetime’s supply of ineffective snake-oil cures, a healthy approach to eating well, knowing you can eat as much as your body needs, will promote natural and surprisingly rapid excess weight loss whilst enhancing your health and wellbeing. The miracle is that we truly understand so much more today about how the body really works and we can use that knowledge to restore balance and health to our bodies, quietly, gently, swiftly and efficiently, succeeding without the need for surgery, interventions, starvation diets or crazy diets. That surely deserves the title of miracle!

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Paleo Diets: The New Paleo PKE Diet: Paleo-Keto-Epigenetic Diet Revolution

51xOMgWEeJL._SX352_BO1,204,203,200_There’s never been a better time to be alive than during this present era when medical research and technological developments have improved the lives of hundreds of millions of people around the world. Yet there is still an epidemic in obesity rates and people are suffering from diseases and medical conditions that are essentially a product of the modern, western lifestyle. How could this happen? How can we know and understand so much about the human body yet still suffer from a disturbing increase in diabetes, cancers, heart disease and a host of other ailments that degrade the quality of our lives? The answer lies in our lifestyle choices and, in particular, in our choice of food.

The recent revolution in medical science that stems from the pioneering work of doctors and scientists in the field of Functional Medicine has demonstrated the connection that exists between environmental factors and genetic responses. In other words, if our genes are capable of being switched on and off by everything from air pollution to contamination in our food and water supplies, we now recognise that we can exercise far greater control over our bodies than we previously thought possible. And one of the best places to start is with our food.

The hidden problems with large scale grain consumption have only recently been recognised. The fact is that humans have not adapted very well to consuming grains in our daily diet. The gluten that can be found in grains, especially the hybrid varieties that are present in the modern generation of high-yield wheat, produce an inflammatory response in humans that can lead to a disturbing catalogue of unpleasant health conditions. For berans blogThe answer to this problem is wider ranging than simply avoiding gluten. When we examine our digestive systems and understand the nutritional needs of our bodies, we can obviously choose to exclude substances that are potentially harmful to our long-term health. The intelligent option then is to choose food types that support our wellbeing as well as the optimum functioning of our digestive systems. Research points us clearly in the direction of the food choices of our distant ancestors, which means a significant reduction in grain and carbohydrate consumption and a surprising increase in the use of healthy fats. This reflects a much healthier way of eating and supports a natural metabolic response that encourages fat-burning. So we eat healthy, nutritious, natural and delicious food without worrying about counting calories – and we burn off those unwanted pounds! Sounds like the perfect combination of smart nutrition and a range of phenomenal health benefits and that’s the primary reason why the PKE Diet is sparking an exciting revolution in medical and nutritional circles. Because, exactly as the researchers predicted, it really works.

Start your PKE diet now and see a lasting result on your body.

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Free Your Body from Its Toxic Deposits Forever

cover (3)There’s a great deal of interest these days in the concept of detoxing the body and an increasing amout of public awareness in the benefits of removing harmful substances from the body. One of my more recent experiences amply demonstrated the dangers of having harmful elements in the body as well as the advantages of flushing them out of your system.

A year ago, on the advice of my doctor, I had my amalgam fillings removed and replaced with a material that would not compromise my health. Despite the care and skill of the highly-experienced dentist who undertook the work, some of the mercury from the eight amalgam fillings inevitably escaped the confines of my mouth and took the direct route south into my digestive system. The story becomes more interesting when I undertook a major detox exercise later that year, a cleansing programme that resulted in some very uncomfortable and distinctly unpleasant detoxreactions. I felt very unwell and, respecting your sensitivities, that’s putting it as mildly and politely as I can! The reaction became so severe that I was obliged to visit my doctor who initially suspected that I might be suffering from some kind of cardiac disorder. A thorough examination eliminated all the usual suspects and the doctor concluded that I was suffering from mercury poisoning – probably a result of having all of my old fillings removed in two sessions in the space of a few days. The fact that my body had reacted so strongly to the presence of this harmful material made me wonder what else might be lurking in the deeper fatty deposits where so many nasty materials tend to congregate. On a positive note, it’s true that I dropped a lot of weight during the course of the three-week detox and that I felt much healthier and energised at the end of the programme. I also felt reassured by the knowledge that I’d eliminated the source of a lot of potential trouble for my body by enduring the gruelling programme. But then my dear doctor was kind enough to inform me that I had failed miserably to prepare for my de-tox and that my reactions would’ve been much milder if I’d consulted him first and taken some very simple precautions. He recommended a course of vitamins and micro-nutrients to assist my body in dealing with the sudden emergence of all these potentially harmful substances and told me that I should’ve added these supplements to my daily diet for a couple of weeks before entering the detox arena. I’ll know better next time!

Fruitsandveggies1So, whilst a de-tox programme can produce astonishing benefits in terms of health and wellbeing, it is always wiser to prepare in advance for the possibly unpleasant side-effects of releasing these harmful substances from your organs and deeper fat reserves. That means we can enjoy all of the benefits of cleansing our bodies without the completely avoidable reactions that I suffered during my own encounter with the nasty substances that had been hidden for decades in the uncharted depths of my body. The good news is that once you release this debilitating garbage, your body can be free of its influence forever. And rather than undergoing a three- or four-week programme of radical detoxing, you can approach the issue with a series of shorter sessions and that’s where the famous five-day detox plans can prove to be extremely useful, effective and unobtrusive. If you want to enjoy better health, more energy, better skin condition and a whole new level of wellbeing, check out the Real Five-Day Detox Plan and free your body from its toxic deposits forever.

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Mastering a Magnificent Menopause

We live in a very different world to the one our parents grew up in. Only a few decades ago, menopause was treated as the irreversible sign of the beginning of the end, the inevitable approach of old age and a slow decline in physical and mental health and overall well being. How times have changed! Now we look at menopause and see the exact opposite. Menopause today heralds the start of a whole new level of freedom, fitness and complete wellness. And much of that revolution in our understanding of menopause is a result of the latest research into the way that our lifestyle and, above all, our nutrition influences the quality of our lives at every level.

The science of intelligent nutrition is changing the way we influence our health. Even the process of menopause is being tamed and controlled by giving the body the nutrients it really needs, re-balancing the body and smoothing the process of hormonal change that can give you a leaner, fitter, stronger and more energized body than you ever thought possible. IMG_4280This is a magnificent message of hope for millions of women around the world. We can break our dependency on artificial hormones, burn off the excess fat the way Nature intended, boost our energy levels and embrace life as a completely enjoyable experience. And nutrition is the key. Menopause can mark the start of the best time of our lives. All that accumulated wisdom and experience in an energized, rejuvenated body. It’s often been said that youthfulness is wasted in the young. Now youthfulness is no longer the preserve of the young – it’s a vital and vigorous attribute that can stay with us throughout entire lives. Learning to eat smart is the way forwards….now You can find out how!

Happy menopause !….

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Growing Younger Disgracefully

IMG_4013If you could find a magical potion that turned back time and restored your body to vibrant youthfulness, would that be the most exciting news of the decade? Would that be something to celebrate? It’s an important point to consider because we see exactly that kind of dubious promise every single day from the multi-billion dollar cosmetics industry that offers us the appearance of youthfulness but does nothing to influence the underlying causes of ageing. The cosmetics industry can only disguise the effects of time, masking the surface appearance of lines and wrinkles and offering only token resistance to the obvious signs of ageing.

Modern research suggests that our bodies can age much faster than normal as a result of stress. We suffer from environmental stresses most of the time due to the levels of pollution in the air, in the water and in our food and, when we add the toxic ingredient of sustained stress, it’s easy to understand why our bodies can suffer from the effects of accelerated ageing. After all, the largest organ in our bodies is our skin and it’s often the first place that we spot those tell-tale signs of ageing. If we really want to slow down the process of ageing and restore our bodies to a more vital and energized state of youthfulness, we need to take control of our stress response and start to fuel our bodies with the kind of nutrition that favors glowing health, vibrant well being and natural resistance to ageing. IMG_3732

This is the time to tap into our natural capacity to restore and repair our bodies from the inside and, if there’s a genuine and reliable secret to sustained youthfulness, it can be found in our diet and in our ability to turn down our over-active stress response. These methods don’t wash off like the day’s make up. These methods affect the body at a cellular level and open up a whole new approach to living life with boundless energy, vitality and a body that renews itself every day. From the inside.

coverDownload PALEO Diet & Lifestyle: Growing Younger Disgracefully the PALEO Way and create a total transformation to look and feel younger. Written by one of the world’s leading experts on health, nutrition and wellbeing, no doubt that this is the essential manual on turning back the biological clock, on maintaining peak health and vitality and living life to the full at every point in your life.

The myth of eternal youth may remain a charming fairy story but the power of re-generating long-term youthfulness is now within our reach.

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PKE Diet Revolution

image5Trying to lose weight? Taming those extra pounds and getting your body into a healthier, leaner condition can be very frustrating – especially if you don’t know what your body really needs. But many of the answers to our health and weight loss issues can be traced to our evolution as a species and our adaptation to some very challenging conditions on the wild and ancient plains of Africa.

For hundreds of thousands of years, our distant ancestors did not have access to cultivated grains. For most of our existence as a species, we were hunter-gatherers and we simply did not consume grains. It was only during the development of agriculture around twelve thousand years ago that we began the long road to controlling and managing our food supplies, creating surpluses and laying the foundations of the earliest civilisations. The problem is that we haven’t fully adapted to a grain-rich diet and the new glutens that are present in the high-yield wheat that was developed since the 1970s produce inflammatory reactions that have been linked to a range of serious health conditions. The explosion in obesity rates is just one highly visible part of the problem.

The PKE Diet Revolution takes a scientifically researched approach to these issues, drawing on the conclusions from the highly respected field of Functional Medicine, and starts by removing gluten from the diet. It’s surprising how many people around the world suffer from mild allergic reactions to gluten but it’s equally encouraging to see the dramatic improvements in health and weight control as soon as gluten is removed from the daily diet.

It sounds so simple but gluten is a potential source of imbalance in the intestinal flora and this disturbance in the complex world of the digestive system can lead to serious health problems.

Paleo CookbookThe PKE Diet Revolution has been designed to restore vibrant health to every part of the body and to make effective weight loss a natural and effortless part of the road to total wellness. Your body knows exactly what it needs to burn the excess fat. Your body knows precisely what it needs to work as beautifully as nature intended. The PKE Diet Revolution optimises every evolutionary advantage that your body possesses to be leaner, fitter, stronger and healthier. It’s only natural. And it feels better than you’d ever imagine.

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