Enjoy the most glorious array of dishes and still lose excess weight – This Holiday!

time-management-holidayChristmas is one of the major times of the year to celebrate the blessings of being together with family and loved ones and it’s a traditional period when we throw caution to the wind and feast ourselves to bursting point. It might also be interesting to remember that in pagan times, the great mid-Winter feast that we now celebrate as Christmas marked a time when people would break out their carefully-hoarded food supplies and note the passing of the shortest day of the year with feasting and merriment, a hint of the better times to come when Spring re-appeared and sowing and planting could begin again. It’s interesting to bear in mind that during those far-off days, Winter meant a period of shortages when people often starved. An opportunity to feast would be extremely welcome, a perfect moment to boost the calorie intake and chase away the haunting shadows of famine. This tradition lives on in the twenty-first century despite the fact that famine in the developed nations is very much a thing of the past. We still consider the festive season as a a perfect time to load the dining table with piles of delicious food and eat and drink ourselves into a gluttonous stupor. It’s a deeply-embedded tradition and a familiar hallmark of the Christmas holidays.

Today we face an unexpectedly different problem, a challenge that our ancestors would’ve welcomed with open arms: we have far too much to eat. Very few people in the developed nations have any real understanding of what it’s like to go hungry yet we still react to the festive season with a knee-jerk urge to eat on a massive scale. Yet the problem might not be a question of how much we eat but rather a question of what we eat. The fact is that we can cover (1)feast like a mythological Viking in Valhalla and still stay in great shape. All we have to do is listen to our bodies and fill our feasting tables with the delicious fare that can be found in the famous Paleo Dieting Method. This kind of smart nutrition respects our bodies’ ability to function perfectly on the right kind of food and even encourages excess body-fat burning! So you can feast all day long, enjoy the most glorious array of dishes and still lose excess weight. The Paleo approach is obviously far more than a great way to keep your body fuelled with the best kind of nutrition. It’s a superb way to re-balance your digestive system, remove harmful, toxic ingredients from your daily diet and stimulate your natural fat-burning cells to dump the excess weight. even during the festivities. Great health is more than a good idea. It’s the best present you can ever give to yourself and your loved ones. And it arrives one forkfull at a time. Enjoy the festivities!

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Yes to Wonderful Delights this Season and Still Lose Weight

Cover from amazon 13th novemberThe holiday season is traditionally a time for feasting and festivities and a period of relaxation away from the rigours of diet and exercise. But why do we automatically accept that we have to pile on the pounds at this time of year? Why does our seasonal enjoyment have to come at the expense of our health and our waistlines?

There is another way. There is a way to enjoy all the wonderful delights of the festivities and still lose weight. Sounds completely crazy but it really is possible. And the answer couldn’t be more simple. Following the super-delicious Paleo principles lets you eat lots of fantastic goodies and still lose weight. That’s because the Paleo approach to smart nutrition always respects how your body prefers to fuel itself. We step away from all the toxic foodstuffs that are the cause of all that completely unnecessary weight gain and the seasonal bouts of health problems and we gorge ourselves happily and contentedly on the kind of tasty meals that our bodies love to digest. It’s a fabulous approach to seasonal self-indulgence because your body will be encouraged to burn off the extra pounds and you’ll still savour all the pleasures of truly delicious food. That’s a winning combination! And it’s so easy to follow. So make a smart choice today and give yourself the healthiest and happiest festive season of your life. You deserve it.

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Is it really possible to eat more and still burn more fat over the holidays?

images (1)The holidays are a great time to celebrate, to enjoy ourselves and eat lots of delicious food. It`s the traditional time of year for fun, festivities – and an expanding waistline! But is the extra weight-gain inevitable? Is it possible to eat lots of fabulous food and still burn off the fat? Of course it`s possible! Humans evolved to burn fat because it`s the healthiest and most efficient way to fuel our bodies and our brains. So what went wrong?

The guilty culprits in the seasonal weight gain drama are our old adversaries – grains, sugar and a surfeit of carbohydrates. If we look back at our evolutionary past, we can see that we have not adapted completely to a diet that is rich in grains and carbs. The most natural way to fuel our bodies respects the way our ancestors ate for tens of thousands of years. That`s why the Paleo Diet is proving so successful in encouraging natural fat burning and boosting energy levels. Cut down the carb dependency, cut out the sugar – and that includes fruits – and watch the excess pounds slip away. The famous Atkins Diet hinted strongly at the problems associated with eating too many carbs but lacked the technology to provide accurate portion control limits for individual carb consumption. But the principles provided a breakthrough insight into the problems of a carb-rich diet.

So how should we eat to burn fat and still enjoy our food to the max?

– Eat lots of veggies! Green, leafy vegetables are best. Just don`t eat too many of the starchy varieties.
– It`s great to eat protein; You can choose meat, fish, eggs. A moderate diet of natural animal protein seems to work wonders for our wellbeing.
– Cut down the carbs. If you`re physically active, you might need more than the assumed minimum but most of us can thrive on far less carbohydrate tha we ever thought possible.
– Add fats to your diet. This is the biggest surprise because our bodies need fats to metabolise our own body fat.
– Cut out all sugars from your diet. There are plenty of delicious treats that are sweetened to perfection with stevia so you can indulge your sweet tooth and still keep away from those nasty, toxic sugars.

Imagine how great you`ll feel at the end of the holidays when you`ve had a fantastic time and still lost lots of excess weight. Now that really is something to celebrate. Happy holidays!

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Skinny Delicious and Over 50……5 steps to healthly menopause relief

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  • Find exercise you love to help reduce excess adipose and rebalance hormones
  • Take steps to reduce your stress by learning about reiki
  • Understand that our emotions play a vital role in our health and find a suitable meditation technique

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The Skinny Delicious PALEO Holiday Recipe Book: Over 150 Recipes! (Celebrate the Festivities -Eat Delicious Low Carb Food): Free Yourself From Excess Fat … the Tasty Treats! (Skinny Delicious Series)