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Written by one of the world’s leading experts on health, nutrition and wellbeing, this is the essential manual on turning back the biological clock, on maintaining peak health and vitality and living life to the full at every point in your life.

The myth of eternal youth may remain a charming fairy story but the power of re-generating long-term youthfulness is now within our reach.
The secrets, the science, the method and the
technology are held within the pages of this extraordinary manual.

Your life deserves the best of everything. Don’t delay another single second. Begin your personal rejuvenation programme right now. Your body deserves it.

Fifty cookbook50recipes

fifty and fabulousBeran Parry is a living testament to the power and 50  
effectiveness of using these recipes. Just check out her photo on her book cover! Thousands of individuals around the world have benefited from her teaching and advice. Now that knowledge and practical wisdom has been made available for you.

A lifetime of study, research and real-life experience in one breathtakingly stunning volume of 250 unique recipes!

Paleo CookbookPALEO-cookbookjpgThe PKE Diet Revolution Recipes – The follow up to the hugely successful and acclaimed The New Paleo PKE Diet.

The Recipes support the new super-healthy lifestyle by providing a fabulous choice of foods and flavours that will make every mealtime a celebration of the true gifts of health and well-being. The weight falls away. Naturally. Energy levels soar. Naturally. Brain function improves. Naturally. The body flushes out long-held toxins. Naturally. You look better. You feel better. From the inside out. And your clothes will show you how quickly your body is burning off the excess fat.

coverPALEO diets 

The science of intelligent nutrition has now reached its peak with the introduction of the complete formula for effective weight-loss and improved health and well being. The Paleo-Keto-Epigenetic Diet System brings together all the key components to enhance the quality of our lives and encourage our bodies to burn fat naturally.


Holidays provide the ideal opportunity to revise your lifestyle choices and the authors encourage everyone to capture the freedom and creativity of the vacation experience and make it a permanent facet of each and every day. Covering the critical areas of physical, emotional, mental and dietary habits, the book provides fascinating insights into the best ways to bring wellness into every aspect of your life. And that means every single day.

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The 101 Essential Habits for a Leaner New You celebrates your amazing ability to create meaningful change in your life by choosing the most appropriate food for your body, by eliminating the toxins from your digestive tract and from your shopping list, by learning to make better use of your brain’s incredible capacity to shape your choices, by introducing the best possible habits for total wellbeing.

PALEO DietIt’s a marriage made in heaven and a mouth-watering dream come true! Who said healthy eating had to be bland, boring and tasteless?

Get ready to celebrate because you’re about to taste the yummiest desserts from the gal who’s dedicated to making your health and wellbeing a totally delicious experience.

Paleo Diet BundleThe Skinny Delicious Paleo Method – the smart way to enjoy fabulous food and lose weight at the same time. The tastiest way to boost your health, increase your energy levels and put a smile on your face.

All three titles are available to you right here for the amazing price of one book.

Paleo Bible Book
The Paleo EpigeneticDedicated to a happier, healthier life for everyone, Beran shares the latest medical research and scientific breakthroughs that are revolutionising health and wellbeing for people just like you.

Everything you ever needed to know about the Paleo Epigenetics revolution – the facts, the methods, the techniques, all the how-to information you’ll ever need to change your life forever. All in one handy manual. Get on the programme now!

420 paleo
The PALEOWeight control just got a whole lot tastier with this fabulous daily recipe book and intelligent meal planner.

Now – at last! – smart eating can be utterly delicious. Give your body the absolute best chance of feeling amazing every single day with these fabulous food choices.

Master Your Emotional Eating
The Skinny DeliciousOne of the most important breakthroughs in understanding why we eat the way we do, Master Your Emotional Eating is the latest volume in the Skinny Delicious Series and guides the reader through the behaviours and techniques that will transform eating issues forever.

Packed with practical methods, great advice and fascinating research, this is how to master your emotional eating.

The Skinny Delicious1The most delicious way to enjoy food, lose unwanted weight and boost your health the way Mother Nature intended.
Change the way you eat and watch the new, healthier you emerge. Boost your energy, super-charge your life, love your food and discover new levels of well-being.

All from the Skinny Delicious Cookbook.

The Skinny Delicious2Do you suffer from weight issues? Have you had enough of all those fashion diets and eating fads that just don’t deliver permanent weight loss?

Are you finally ready to get in shape by giving your body what it really needs?

Welcome to the Skinny Delicious Revolution.

7 secrets
effective weight controlBy Beran and Greg PARRY

Using the latest research from the fields of neuroscience, microbiology, epigenetics and cognitive behaviour, The Seven Secrets of Totally Effective Weight Control will give you the winning formula to develop real control of your appetite whilst shedding those unwanted pounds, giving you the confidence, the methods and techniques to transform any area of your life.