Are you an Emotional Eater?

Emotional Eater
Emotional eating results in…..

1. Unwanted weight and fat
2. Feelings of unworthiness
3. Over dependence on food
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Is there any truth in these statements

……food is my friend and I would find it tricky to give up eating the way I do.

…..when life gets too stressful food tastes so comforting

… life would be too unbearable without eating what I want.

…..I crave  junk food and the taste it gives me.

……eating less would make me feel deprived….

…..since I am not perfect it feels like there’s no point in eating properly

…..I need the reward of food to feel fulfilled

… protects me from the world

…..I can’t deal with anybody or anything telling me to stop eating what I want.

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