Welcome to the start of a whole new way of life! We’re about to embark on an adventure together and my job is to help and guide you on your new pathway to the health, weight and wellbeing of your dreams. My name is Beran Parry and for the past thirty-five years I’ve been studying, practising and advising about truly effective nutrition and weight loss. A lot of this passion comes from my family background. Growing up in a family with major health and weight problems, I realised at a very early age that body shape, weight and health are all deeply connected.

Those 35 years of training, study, practise and experience are distilled and crystalised right here in your permanent info provider….my skinny delicious life blog!

The reality is that I’m fitter and healthier today than at any other time in my life. Despite all the negative expectations surrounding the subjects of growing older, my passion grew into a quest to share my knowledge and experience with as many people as possible. What started as a search for answers to my own health problems became a quest to find universal principles that would apply to everyone.

My range of studies have broadened, encompassing functional and naturopathic medicine, eating behaviours and disorders, orthomolecular medicine and the ancient Ayurvedic traditions that are witnessing a global revival after thousands of years of practise. I have triumphed the taboo of ageing  and weight control, and I can show you how to tame your body-fat problems and turn back the clock, helping you to find a younger, fitter, skinnier, stronger, healthier you. So let’s get started!