Paleo Bundle

cover3Is there a magic bullet for many of our modern diseases? Can we really undo the years of abuse and eliminate the frustration that masquerades as fad dieting and finally lose all those unwanted pounds? Can we turn back the hands of time and regain our lost vigour, energy and youthfulness? The answer might be surprisingly simple.

As a professional nutritionist and life-style specialist, I’ve been privileged to witness extraordinary changes in people’s bodies and in the quality of their lives as a direct result of improving their food intake. That’s right. One of the fastest and most effective ways to burn off all those stubborn, excess pounds and restore natural levels of vibrant and vigorous health is to eliminate all the harmful foods that make up the typical modern diet and start to eat the way our bodies really love to be fuelled. It’s called smart nutrition and it’s one of the most important developments to emerge from the amazing revolution in medical research of the past three decades.

The basis for the smart nutrition movement is the important recognition that our bodies haven’t changed very much in the past few hundred thousand years. The way our distant ancestors survived and evolved as highly-efficient hunter-gatherers can still be clearly observed in our anatomy and in our digestive systems right up to the present day. The smart nutrition movement has identified the advantages of eating more naturally and has led to the super-efficient Paleo Diet that encourages healthier eating and an avoidance of processed foods. More importantly, the Paleo Diet identifies the problems associated with consuming grains. As a species, humans have been cultivating and consuming large quantities of grains for the last ten thousand years or so and, putting it simply, we haven’t adapted successfully to the agricultural revolution. Grains can produce a wide variety of inflammatory effects, reactions that have been linked to a wide variety of diseases and illnesses that can be largely avoided with a change in diet. This might prove to be some of the most important medical news of the century.

The other foodstuff that is causing huge problems for our health is sugar. Whether it’s naturally occurring or processed, the research points very clearly to the dangers of having sugar in our diet. And, as you may know, sugar is added to most of the food we consume every day in our highly-processed, western diet.

So the obvious answer is to reduce grain consumption and eliminate sugar from our daily diet. We are free to consume moderate amounts of lean, organic protein, all the leafy green vegetables we want and, perhaps most intriguing of all, a lot more fat. Does that surprise you? Despite the modern emphasis on fat-free or low-fat food and the unavoidable truth that people are just getting fatter and fatter, we now know that we really need a lot more fat in our diets in order to stimulate our bodies to burn our stored reserves of fat.

With this ground-breaking knowledge to guide us, we can look forward to creating new levels of health and fitness just by modifying the quality of the food we eat. Yes, we normally benefit from moderate exercise too and I’m always keen to encourage people to move their bodies every day. But the influence of our food choices on our health even at a cellular level, cannot be over-estimated. We’re slowly waking up to the realisation that we really are what we eat and now the key to robust health and fitness and vigorous longevity can be found on the end of our forks. Eat well!

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