Paleo Juices, Soups and Smoothies

61fuO8X-YqL._SX398_BO1,204,203,200_Have you noticed that there isn’t always enough time to do all the things you need to do? It happens to all of us. We make plans, we set out with the best of intentions and then we run out of time. This shows up a lot when it comes to important areas such as exercise and eating properly. Sometimes we just don’t have the time to prepare something delicious and nutritious and we end up grabbing something that’s fast, convenient and probably not very good for us! I know. It’s expedient. But this is a problem that could be a lot easier to solve than you might expect. Because you can get a ton of super-healthy nutrition in a minute or so by using juices, soups and smoothies. They’re so easy to prepare and so fast to get into a cup or a dish. So, if you’re one those busy people who just have the time to make a really healthy meal for yourself, this is one of the best ways for you to maintain a totally healthy lifestyle and still have time for other activities.

The great thing about juices, soups and smoothies is that you can keep some ready in the fridge. It only takes a minute to heat up some soup and most juices and smoothies can be enjoyed cold – straight from the fridge. But when it comes to juices, we need to be careful to avoid the sugar-rich fruits that can cause so many problems for our health. We already consume far too much sugar and the fructose in your fruit juice is as bad for you as the stuff they add to cans of soda. The healthier option is to use vegetables instead. You can add such wonderful nutrient-rich foods as celery, raw ginger, carrots, beets and a host of leafy green vegetables. All super nutritious and extremely helpful power source for boosting health and vitality at any time of the day or night. And these healthy alternatives can be so helpful for encouraging our bodies to burn fat, super-charging our metabolisms to shred the belly fat and cut away the unsightly, unwanted, excess pounds. That should be a great reason to get into the super-healthy routine of drinking juices, soups and smoothies but there are so many other benefits that boost your wellbeing, including the way that these amazing foods encourage your body to eliminate toxins. This can greatly assist your immune system and help you to become more resistant to bugs and infections.

By substituting these healthy alternatives for the more familiar, fast-food choices, you’ll be honouring your body and its amazing potential to be fit, strong, lean and healthy every day of your life. The less garbage you put into your system, the better you’ll look and feel. The more healthy food you select for your body, the more your health will improve.

So it really is possible to live a very busy life and still enjoy delicious, healthy and life-affirming foods that will make your life such a more pleasant experience. You’ll have more energy, more vigour and more enthusiasm for the great adventure of your life. And you’ll enjoy every mouthful of super-nutritious food along the way.

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Talking About Men’s Health

Attachment (5)This has to be great time to be a man. One of the greatest breakthroughs in modern medical research has been the discovery of how our bodies respond to different food types. Growing up in a world that’s witnessed an unprecedented explosion in obesity rates has caused many men to believe that being seriously overweight is somehow inevitable. But that’s just not true. Burning off the excess pounds and restoring our bodies to a fitter, slimmer and stronger profile has never been easier. And the answer is shining like a beacon in the brilliantly effective Paleo Diet, a way of eating that reflects the way our bodies have evolved over hundreds of thousands of years and the shortest pathway between overweight and healthily slim. This is incredibly good news for men’s health because millions of men are suffering from an excess of body fat and all the risks associated with being overweight.

Yet we live in an age where more and more men are being persuaded to seek drastic answers to their body image questions. For example, more and more men are undergoing surgical procedures to remove belly fat and change the way they appear. Despite the state of the global economy, the annual expenditure on cosmetic surgery is rocketing upwards every year and this seems very strange because there really are better alternatives to reversing the effects of time and poor diet than a hospital appointment and a very expensive surgeon’s scalpel.

imagesThe research clearly identifies the wide range of health problems associated with consuming grains and sugars and, since grains and sugars are virtually everywhere in our daily diet, it’s no wonder that our waistlines are expanding and our bellies are ballooning. But you can change this. Men are beginning to learn about the most natural way to kick-start their fat-burning potential and transform their metabolism from fat-storing to fat-burning. The pounds just drop off and you don’t have to become a fitness nut to enjoy the most amazing results.

The key to the Paleo Diet for men is that we now know how to eat intelligently to maximise our health and get our metabolism back online, getting it to work at optimum efficiency. Once this happens, everything starts to work the way Nature intended and the benefits filter through into every spect of our lives.

cover (1)Besides this powerful and natural way to lose weight permanently, there are additional benefits to restoring a healthy balance to the intestinal flora. Our modern diet of grains, sugars and highly-processed foods can cause tremendous disruption to our intestinal flora, allowing the growth of hostile bacteria, viruses, fungus and mould. Some exponents of Functional Medicine have identified these imbalances as a source of major disease. By re-balancing the intestinal flora and re-colonising the gut with friendly organisms, it’s possible to avoid an extraordinary array of potentlal health problems. This is undoubtedly the future of medicine. But you can enjoy the benefits today. All you need to do is follow the principles laid out in the Paleo Diet and your life can change for the better in a matter of weeks. Now that really is a miracle!

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Paleo for Ageless Men

cover (1)The challenge for all men to stay fit and healthy and enjoy all the benefits of being in great shape often leave us wondering how best to proceed. Great health and vitality are the products of taking the best possible care of our bodies and this becomes increasingly important as we get older. it isn’t simply a question of our calendar age either. As you may know, men’s bodies do not have to reflect all the years we’ve spent on this earth. In biological terms, our bodies can be much younger than the age that’s based on our date of birth. Of course, with enough neglect and abuse, a man’s body can be a lot older than his calendar age too! But once we realise how much control we can exercise on the ageing process, we can take steps to correct the damage we’ve inflicted on our bodies through poor nutrition, lack of exercise, too much stress, smoking, drinking and a host of other equally damaging pastimes! Once we make a commitment to respect the miracles of our own bodies, we can cut out smoking, cut down on alcohol and then take a serious and mature approach to our nutritional needs.

Nutrition is one of the most important areas that we can apply to men’s health and wellbeing needs because the results can transform our body’s reactions to the ageing process in a remarkably short time. Once we apply the deeply effective Paleo approach and cleanse our bodies of decades of toxins, things rapidly begin to change for the better. For example, even a man’s skin becomes clearer as the body repairs the damage of time. Oxidative stress can be neutralised. Our intestinal flora can be re-balanced and restored to optimal functioning. We can finally burn off that unsightly belly fat and lose the love handles forever. Our muscles become stronger and more toned. Men can take a look in the mirror once in a while and nod with approval at the obvious changes taking place in their bodies.We discover that we have a lot more energy. That vigour and vitality that we used to have in our youth suddenly re-emerges as our bodies start to burn fuel more efficiently. This in turn can boost our mental acuity and increase our cognitive awareness. We get younger! You really have to experience it for yourself to believe it.

One of the key areas that amply demonstrates our ability to take control of our health and get into much better shape has got to be our weight. We are certainly living in an era where obesity has become an epidemic, a global threat to health that is closely associated with far too many completely avoidable health problems. Many men undoubtedly struggle with their weight and the problem seems to become more difficult to solve as we get older. But with a simple change in nutrition, a switch to healthier, more natural food choices and the body will respond by transforming itself from a flabby, fat-storing entity to a fat-burning machine that will shred all the unwanted fat and reveal the leaner, trimmer version of you that you’ve dreamed of for years. That’s why the Paleo Diet represents such an important step forward for men of all ages. Sure, everything will work better and faster when you adopt the principles whilst you’re still young but these methods also work when we get older too. So it’s really never too late to experience the wonder of renewed vigour and youthfulness. it’s never too late to turn back the hands of time. It’s never too late to treat your body with the love, respect, care and attention that it truly deserves. Because it will happily pay you back with interest in so many ways for the rest of your life. And you will understand what it means to become the ageless man.

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Fighting Stress Away

stressThere is a well-established connection between elevated stress levels and a compromised immune system. That can too easily translate into more incidences of illness, disease and infection for individuals who have too much stress in their lives.

In traditional healing circles, the received wisdom is that minor infections such as the common cold and influenza should be left to run their course because they are the body’s way of imposing an enforced break on an individual until the condition has subsided. It’s an interesting proposition and one that supports the general view that stress is responsible for more than its fair share of illness and days off work.

If we accept the premise that stress can seriously compromise the immune system, we would be wise to heed the conclusion that reduced stress levels will reduce the burden on our body’s defences. We can certainly learn to control our reactions to stress. We can develop the all-important mindfulness that teaches us to be aware of our reactions and behaviours, offering us a choice of better, healthier and less stressful responses to the daily challenges that confront us. We can also draw strength and support form the ancient traditions of herbalism that thoroughly explored and identified the advantages of using certain plants and health to support our well being. These traditions date back thousands of years and have been a familiar characteristic of natural medicine since before the earliest invention of writing. Some of these traditions have been successfully tested in modern research labs and the conclusions support the original purposes of herbal medicine. IMG_4429There are, of course, plants and herbs that can boost the immune system and these can be especially useful when the patient needs to avoid the unpleasant side-effects of many modern, synthetic pharmaceuticals. This does not mean that we should abandon our relationship with prescribed drugs, even though our over-use of anti-biotics has created disturbing new strains of highly-resistant bacteria, yet we need to recognise that there are valid and valuable alternatives to the doctor’s readiness to issue a prescription.

Diet and exercise will always play a major role in promoting good health and a robustly effective immune system. So will adequate rest. There are many things we can do to alter the balance of stress in our lives and learning to relax, perhaps to meditate, to incorporate the right kinds of herbs and supplements into our daily diet, can all contribute to an enhanced level of well being. Ultimately, our bodies will always find a way to communicate to us in the clearest possible terms that we’re neglecting our health and wedllbeing needs. Take the right steps today and your body will reward you with levels of health, vitality and joy that will absolutely amaze you.

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Improve Your Immune System

10feb 61PGBjqEzHL._SX398_BO1,204,203,200_Have you thought about how much pressure your body is under these days? When you consider the additives in our food, the chemicals in our drinking water, the pollution in the air we breathe – the list can seem pretty daunting. When we add the pressures of daily living, the emotional and mental stresses that exhaust and fatigue us, we can begin to understand how easily the body can exhibit worrying signs of stress and distress.

One of the more disturbing aspects of modern living is the widespread increase in adrenal stress that is affecting people of all ages and backgrounds. Adrenal stress was more commonly associated with people in middle age but now it’s just as likely to affect people in their teens and early twenties. We have to accept the fact that we are living in highly-stressed times and that things are not getting better. So why is this a problem for our health and wellbeing?

The affects of environmental pollution, food additives, inappropriate food choices and emotional stress can compromise the immune system and leave the body vulnerable to disease, infection, allergies and imbalances in the hormonal and metabolic systems. The result is a reduction in the quality of life, an increase in the possibility of serious disease, an impairment of the mental faculties and a shorter lifespan. I know. It doesn’t make for very pleasant or uplifting reading but our purpose is to flag the potential problems so that you are fully prepared to take the right steps to neutralise them. And the great news is that there’s plenty you can do to improve the situation before the imbalances ever get a chance to challenge your health. And some of the answers are probably growing unnoticed in your garden.

The long and noble traditions of using herbs and natural treatments to assist with health and wellbeing issues has seen a recent and welcome revival as more and more people express their concern about the effects of relying too much on anti-biotics and prescription medication. Herbalists and naturopaths favour prevention more than cure and this holistic approach to fostering better health can go a long way in countering the effects of all forms of stress. If you suffer from insomnia, there are natural herbal supplements you can take that will encourage you to sleep better and enjoy a restful night’s sleep. That’s one simple remedy that can make a substantial difference to the quality of your life and reduce the stresses and pressure that often interfere with the normal working of your immune system.

Learning to relax and unlock the physical tension that often reflects the stresses and frustrations of work and family life can revolutionise your ability to handle stress effectively. This is an entirely natural process that enhances both physical and mental function. It’s also one of the keys to maintaining a healthy and robust immune system.
Nutrition needs to be considered too. Diet will always play an important role in affecting health and we need to eliminate products and substances that may be harmful to our health. This is just common sense but, if we ignore the dietary advice and continue to consume products that provoke intolerances or allergies, we know we will pay the price at some point. It’s so easy to avoid these issues by maintaining a diet of fresh and natural produce, concentrating on food types that support our health and wellbeing and avoiding anything that could cause a problem, either now or in the future.

We may not be able to change the world and make it a less stressful place but we can do so many things to control the way we respond to the daily challenges around us. We can learn to use the most natural ways possible to boost our health and fully appreciate the methods that lend themselves to a calmer, more productive and more enjoyable way of living. It’s your life. Make it the best. You deserve it!

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Secrets in Losing Weight

tape-403592_1280 (1)Have you ever wondered why so many people are having difficulty losing weight these days? It should be easy, shouldn’t it? We’ve given up all the fat in our food, we’ve counted the calories, we’ve substituted artificial sweeteners for high-calorie sugar, we eat lots of fruit, we drink lots of fruit juice, we only eat whole grains. Isn’t this exactly what we’ve been advised to do for the past couple of decades? Was this the stern advice that we received from our doctors and nutritionists? Exactly. So what went wrong? How come everybody suddenly seems to have piled on an unbelievable amount of weight and the world is witnessing a massive increase in diabetes, heart disease, inflammatory problems and a disturbing list of other unpleasant conditions and syndromes? It’s baffling. It doesn’t make sense. It certainly doesn’t seem fair! But that’s because the advice was wrong. Totally and completely misguided, advice, ill-informed and dangerous for our health and wellbeing. Millions and millions of people are experiencing the daily misery of obesity and most of the weight-loss advice has been woefully misplaced. You can’t blame the doctors and health specialists. They were only following the accepted protocols of their chosen professions. They were only repeating the received wisdom of the health industry. Drugs have been patented to help people control their appetites and their weight. We have surgical procedures to remove excess fat and close off part of the stomach. It’s a major problem and there hasn’t been much of an answer – up until now.

16We are truly blessed to live in a world where pioneering scientists, doctors and dedicated researchers have found the courage to question the ineffective, conventional approaches of yesterday and challenge the old ways of handling obesity. In an age that has seen the genesis of the Functional Medicine movement, we now understand the real nature of the problem and – finally – we can offer hope to everyone that they really can lose their excess weight and keep it off. Forever.

The Functional Medicine revolution always aimed at prevention rather than cure but its discoveries are providing practical measures to combat and defeat an extraordinary array of diseases. Diet plays an important part in supporting many of the therapies and treatments and the research has clearly identified the link between consuming sugars and grains with the rise in obesity. By excluding sugar from the diet, limiting carbohydrate consumption, minimising grains at every mealtime and adding the most surprising element of all to the equation – fat – the body’s metabolism can be naturally reset. So we need more fat to stimulate the body to burn fat. We need to consider sugar as a poison and that includes the sugars in fruit and honey. We need to select natural, unprocessed food whenever possible, add lots of green vegetables to the mix and make sure we’re getting enough protein. The results are nothing short of dramatic.

Untitled4So, after decades of poor advice and a failure to understand the fundamental mechanics of the human metabolism, finally we have the long-awaited answers to our weight problems. The answers might seem obvious to us now but, with the endorsement of a growing body of doctors and scientists, the solution to effective and permanent weight-loss is now easily to hand. And it doesn’t involve drugs, pharmaceuticals or surgical intervention. That surely is a miracle!

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