How Can YOU benefit from the Skinny Delicious Smart Genetic Program…..

  1. Do you smile when you look in the mirror?
  2. Are you absolutely in love with the way you look?
  3. Have you ever dreamed of being fitter, skinnier and happier?
  4. Do you really believe that you deserve to have a slimmer, better body?
  5. Do your energy levels need a serious boost?
  6. Have you had enough of the fads and fashions of yo-yo dieting?
  7. Are you ready to take control of your weight forever?
  8. Is your body crying out for real food and a surge in wellbeing?
  9. Are you ready to share the secrets of permanent, healthy weight loss?
  10. Are you ready to experience the wonder of the skinnier, new you?
These are some of the ways that the Skinny Delicious Smart Genetic Program can Help YOU
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What is the Skinny Delicious Program all about?

Welcome to the Epigenetics weight-loss revolution, the science of restoring your health, your weight and your happiness to their ideal potential by giving your body exactly what it needs. No more starvation diets. No more endless workouts on the treadmill. No more boring, tasteless, low-calorie meals. No more guilt. No more failure.


The science of Epigenetics is revolutionising our understanding of how our bodies really work and now we finally recognise that your genes are not the only factor in the quest for a leaner, fitter body. It’s the kind of food you eat that can really influence the outcomes of your personal health. Certain foods have the chemical capacity to switch genes on or off and trigger powerful responses in our bodies.


These changes in gene expression have the potential to be very harmful, as the modern explosion in disease and obesity has clearly demonstrated. But these responses can equally be made to work absolutely for our benefit, for our health and for our complete well being.


The key is in our diet. By removing the harmful, toxic components that make up such a large proportion of the modern, Western diet, we can re-programme our bodies to become fat-burning furnaces that turn fat into raw energy, boosting our health and turning back the biological body clock, restoring our metabolisms to their natural, peak efficiency. The differences can be astounding.


The real problem with weight gain and many modern diseases began some seven thousand years ago when humans first developed agriculture. This was the great turning point in our history when our distant ancestors created a predictable and plentiful source of food and laid the foundation for all early civilisations.


But it also created the modern dependency on a grain-rich diet. A dependency that still survives to this day. The fact is that, as a species, we just haven’t adapted completely to grains in our diet. Eliminating grains and the inflammatory response they produce re-balances the body’s critical insulin response and restores the immune system to normal functioning. By restoring balance to the intestinal flora and adding the right combination of smart nutrients to the daily diet, the body can be conditioned to flush out harmful toxins, burn excess fat and enjoy whole new levels of fitness and well being.


The Skinny Delicious Weight Loss Programme is a powerful myth-buster, a no-holds-barred exposure of the failure of fad diets and fashion foods. Skinny Delicious is designed to give you all the answers and insights you need to know exactly what you need to do to improve your weight control and overall health. These are simply the most effective methods on the planet to get your weight and your health back under control.


Not just for today but for the rest of your life. A complete and easy to digest system based on decades of research and thousands of case studies. The material works for everyone and takes you beyond the limits of weight loss and into the realm of real and sustainable well being. supporting you and your quest for the best possible health. All in one simple how-to manual. It’s the book your body’s been waiting for. To live longer. To live better. The Skinny Delicious Weight Loss Programme.

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IMG_0804The Skinny Delicious Weight Loss Programme is a powerful myth-buster, a no-holds-barred exposure of the failure of fad diets and fashion foods. Skinny Delicious is designed to give you all the answers and insights you need to know exactly what you need to do to improve your weight control and overall health.


These are simply the most effective methods on the planet to get your weight and your health back under control. Not just for today but for the rest of your life. A complete and easy to digest system based on decades of research and thousands of case studies. The material works for everyone and takes you beyond the limits of weight loss and into the realm of real and sustainable well being. supporting you and your quest for the best possible health.


All in one simple how-to manual. It’s the book your body’s been waiting for. To live longer. To live better. The Skinny Delicious Weight Loss Programme.


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Do YOU want to be Skinnier by Eating Delicious Food?

Do you have difficulty with your weight? Have you ever dieted, lost the pounds and then seen them come back with a vengeance? It seems that everyone who’s ever taken the steps to lose their excess weight is doomed to put the pounds back on again. Doesn’t seem fair, does it? It’s OK though.
It isn’t your fault. Like so many of us who have tried diets and fads and eating fashions to keep our weight under control, the results have rarely lasted and we’ve usually ended up feeling just as bad at the end of the diet as we did before we started. So what goes wrong? Why don’t all these diets really work like they’re supposed to?
The answers might surprise you because there has been a great deal of publicity about our genes and how our DNA ultimately determines what our bodies look like. But that isn’t the whole story. It isn’t even close to the full picture.
Because the great news is that our genes can be programmed to switch on and off. And the switches can be found in many places, including our environment and, most importantly, in what we eat. The science of epigenetics is revealing every day that we can influence our genes to work in our favour rather than against us.
beranparry (7)Understanding how toxins can harm our health, identifying harmful foods that cause can chaos in our intestinal flora, focusing on smart nutrition can totally revolutionise our health. Fad diets usually starve the body of essential nutrients. Countless numbers of overweight people are effectively starving because their bodies are desperately short of the fuel that produces healthy digestion and the normal levels of energy that accompany good metabolism. No wonder obese people suffer from incredible hunger pangs. They’re starving!
But once we introduce the body to healthy, balanced and enjoyable nutrition, the cravings diminish, energy levels soar and the body starts to burn off the fat. It’s a natural process. No drugs. No gimmicks. No fads. Just intelligent, effective and tasty nutrition. Of course the diet industry spends vast sums on its advertising campaigns because it’s a business. It needs the revenue from millions of desperate people.
But if the diets really worked, we wouldn’t be experiencing the largest outbreak in obesity the world has ever seen. Something’s obviously wrong with the diet industry. And that’s not all. Losing weight can be a life-enhancing decision for any overweight individual but delivering a better quality of life and a body that works as well as Nature intended is so much more than shedding a few pounds.
The Epigenetics Revolution puts the focus exactly where it belongs – on total health, well being and permanent healthy weight control. Finally we have the answers, the methods and technology that work.

Diets: The Skinny Delicious Diet (Your Smart Paleo Genetic Pathway to a Skinnier New You) Free 21 day Detox (Over 100 Paleo Vegan Recipes) Your Best Solution … Loss (Free from a Excess Fat Forever)


image (12) If you’ve ever wondered why some people get sick, why others suffer from obesity or from a wide range of health problems, you’ve probably thought that genes must play a role somewhere in the process. And you would be right.

Genes play a pivotal role in determining how our health functions. But there’s more to the question than simply identifying whether we have ‘good’ or ’bad’ genes for any particular set of health conditions. We now know that our genes are not simply set at birth to deliver positive or negative outcomes.

Epigenetics has demonstrated in the clearest possible terms that our genes can be switched on or off according to a wide range of external factors. Those external influences also include our diet. That means that the food we eat can influence how our genes express themselves.

Intriguing? Thousands of research projects around the world are adding evidence every day that our lifestyle choices are absolutely essential elements in determining our health. We can no longer simply shrug our shoulders and blame our forebears for our ‘bad’ genes. Better health and well being can be influenced by intelligent food choices. More importantly perhaps, healthy eating reduces the probability of ‘bad’ genes being activated.

It’s a hectic, stressful and pressurised world that we live in. People rarely seem to have enough time to take proper care of themselves. Convenience food dominates peoples’ daily diets. But we know that much of our processed food is deficient in essential nutrients. It’s supremely ironic that the more processed food we eat, the more we starve our bodies of the important fuel, energy and high quality nutrition that are vital for good health and well being.
The bacteria that inhabit our digestive systems are often unbalanced and sometimes even hostile to our health. That’s why we encourage people to recognise the importance of healthy nutrition and to re-balance their intestinal flora, allowing their bodies to follow the natural and effective pathway to better health. Since our genes respond to a wide range of external factors, we can begin to influence our health at a genetic level by following the principles of a natural diet and by learning to respect our bodies as an astonishingly complex and superbly efficient gift of the evolutionary process.
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Getting older just got better

image (11)Getting older isn’t what it used to be! As a child, I can remember how rare it was to hear of someone celebrating their 100th birthday. But today in the developed world, if we have access to modern medical facilities, we can expect to live to more than 120. Are you surprised? Well, some scientists are even predicting upper age limits of 150 years. This is an extraordinary development in the course of human evolution. We may be the first members of our species who can seriously look forward to living for a century and a half. But do we really want to live that long?


Fitness – Use it or lose it!


Living beyond 120 years might not be quite so appealing if we end up looking like ET on a bad day with pipes and tubes and machinery keeping us alive. But that’s where the biggest surprise might be because we now know that the human body responds very positively to carefully designed exercise programmes. That’s right. We really can improve our health, our fitness and our wellbeing throughout our entire lives. We just need to keep moving. If we want to enjoy the benefits of longevity, we need to keep active. There are so many stories today of people in their eighties getting involved in running, weight training, yoga and physical exercise routines. The results are often astonishing because exercise seems to be a vital ingredient for health and happiness. The human body can build muscles, stamina and flexibility even in our later years and that means we can be fit and active even past the age of 120! Now that’s a revolution that we need to prepare for. Picture yourself being fit and active and having fun in your 100s! That picture could become a reality.


Exercise is for your entire life


Good diet, exercise and remaining physically and mentally active are key ingredients to enjoying extended longevity. People usually give up their physical exercises because the movements become too painful. Working on flexibility can allow the body to keep moving and if we can move the body without pain, it’s much easier to move onto more productive exercises that promote cardio-vascular strength and stamina. Our mission is to help you enjoy the benefits of a fit and healthy body today and for the rest of what could be a very long life!

Managing your Mid Life Health

If you are aged between 30 and 70 this is the new era and longest ever timeline for contemporary mid life issues…..stress,expected lifestyle and career obligations means that we experience mid life issues long before the old fashioned mid life age of 45!…..

image (10)

do you suffer from at least five of these issues?

  1. immune system dysfunction
  2. sleep difficulties
  3. anxiety
  4. depression
  5. mood swings
  6. waist expansion
  7. weight gain/severe loss
  8. body shape changes
  9. serious illness…cancer,cardio vascular disease etc
  10. thinning or thickening hair in the wrong places
  11. palipitations
  12. dizzyness
  13. hot flashes
  14. fatigue
  15. forgetfulness
  16. fat weight gain and
  17. water weight gain
  18. peri/actual/post menopause symptoms
  19. food/alcohol cravings and dependencies
  20. digestive issues (nausea,constipation,bloating,flatulence,diarrea,digestive tract disease,IBS)
  21. recurrent pain in the back,neck,shoulder,breast,head.throat,joints,liver,gallbladder
  22. general irritability
  23. frequent urination and discomfort,
  24. genital and gynaecological infection and discomfort,



Are there really techniques to not only manage but overcome many of these uncomfortable and quality of life diminishing issues? YES THERE ARE!….you may only be in your mid thirties….or you may have several of these issues which you regard as normal problems coming with a maturing age….but it is just so helpful to have the knowledge, understanding and solutions to outsmart your midlife issues!


Throughout the Western World there is a universal cry for help from the mid life age range……people from all walks of life…..levels of success,intelligence and social status are not an influence and sometimes serve to increase our midlife issues!

For example each and every one of us have 30 billion fat cells whether we like it or not!…….and these fat cells go through a transition at each hormonal event in our lives….puberty,pregnancy,menstrual issues,hormonal diseases, life stress,pre/peri/during/post menopause……and of course …..ability or inability to mobilise our bodies. Even men are affected by some but not all of these issues…of course.

Beran new book aims to deal with all these issues so check back soon for more info



Free yourself from toxins starting today!

image (9)Before you begin a detoxification program you need to get your body ready for optimal cleansing. But maybe you just want to detoxify your general eating strategy to become permanently less toxic….Here’s how:

1) Give Your current eating choices a Mini-Makeover

Some foods can interfere with the liver’s ability to detoxify your body, which could impair your detox efforts. For at least 5 days a week try to eliminate: alcohol, sugar, dairy, wheat, artificial sweeteners, trans fats, and packaged or fast food. Up your intake of raw vegetable salads and lightly steamed vegetables.

You may also want to take this time to rid your kitchen of any foods or beverages that might tempt you to retoxify!

Plan your menu for the week and make time to grocery shop. If you don’t normally buy organic, look for local farmers’ markets, health food stores, or grocery stores with a good selection of organic foods. If you’re not able to buy all produce organic, get a fruit and vegetable wash to help rid your produce of pesticide residues, waxes, and other undesirable chemicals.

2) Prevent Caffeine Withdrawal

If you drink caffeinated beverages on a regular basis, you may experience headaches, tiredness and other caffeine withdrawal symptoms. Here are some tips on how to prevent it:

  • Gradually decrease your caffeine intake prior to starting the detox plan.
  • Try substituting some of your coffee intake with Swiss water decaffeinated coffee. For instance, try having a cup of coffee that is 75% regular coffee and 25% decaffeinated coffee. Gradually up the percentage of decaf until you’re ready to eliminate it entirely.
  • Switch to lower-caffeine green tea.
  • If it’s the bitter taste of coffee you miss, try a caffeine-free herbal coffee substitute.

3) Drink More Water

Your body needs plenty of water during a detoxification. Drinking lots of water keeps you hydrated and may help flush out toxins, so be sure to drink at least eight glasses of filtered water daily. Also try having a cup of room temperature or lukewarm filtered water with lemon in the morning.

4) Stock up on Tools for Detox Success

Some practices may help promote cleansing throughout your detox diet. Exfoliating your skin with a dry body brush for instance, may help support circulation and prompt the passage of toxins from your lymph.

To enhance relaxation as you detox, consider buying some essential oils to add to your bathwater……just one or two drops of juniper oil and geranium oil mixed with vanilla or grapefruit are wonderful for gently helping the body to detoxify.

5) Know What Not to Cut Out

Don’t stop taking any prescription medications while on a detox diet. Discontinuing certain medications can have serious, possibly life-threatening consequences.


image (8)Your body’s ability to process rubbish, including toxic rubbish, is a pervasive factor in your ability to lose weight and reach a healthy goal weight. Struggling with this issue activates backup strategies for dealing with toxic overload, which include expanding the number of fat cells and stuffing them with toxins as well as fat. This is likely done to get the toxic rubbish out of your circulation and away from key organs. It causes easy weight gain and complicates weight loss because your body does not easily give up the toxic fat it has stored.


In many ways, our polluted world is a true test of genetic survival of the fittest. The number of toxic chemicals now threatens our overall health as a species in so many ways. These chemicals contribute to weight gain in various ways, including hormone and metabolic disruption….i.e. disturbances that down regulates your metabolism, damage to and accumulation in your white adipose tissue, and increased risk for poisoning during weight loss. It is absolutely vital that you understand this subject.


Our Toxic World is a Major Metabolic Problem

Toxic residue of bacterial imbalance within the digestive tract, stimulates the formation of new fat cells and promotes weight gain. There are other internally generated toxins along with plenty of “normal” rubbish like inflammatory debris and lactic acid. Additionally, pervasive environmental toxins affect everyone to some degree and can cause metabolic malfunctions as well as increase the risk for cancer. Many of these environmental toxins are fat soluble, which means they readily accumulate in white adipose tissue.

Some of these toxic compounds have been banned, but the damage has already been done as they continue to bioaccumulate in the food chain and pose long-term challenges to the farming soils This is a key metabolic problem for those who are overweight.


Toxins Pose a Major Challenge to Weight Loss

There are a variety of reasons toxins pose a major challenge to weight loss. A person who has too many toxins to process will make new fat cells and store those toxins along with fat in them. This is first a form of self-defence against being poisoned, and second, a strategy to get toxins out of the circulation and away from major organs. This means that some people will not be able to lose any weight at all, regardless of how little they eat, until the acute nature of their plumbing problems are addressed.


It is very clear that these toxins are released back into the circulation during weight loss. This data means that your plumbing and detoxification systems must be in good working condition for healthy weight loss – or possibly even to engage weight loss.


Toxins make you feel irritable. Many people report feeling “poisoned” at a certain point in their weight loss process. Such people will always feel better when they eat a lot of food, as the toxins are pulled out of their blood and placed back in fat – along with plenty of fat. With a little effort, most people can readily lose weight they have most recently gained. After that, people reach what I like to call it the “toxic plateau.”


This means that detoxification strategies may need to be adjusted if weight loss slows too much or stops. In my clinical experience, the difficult-to-lose kilos are typically toxic fat. Strategies to improve detoxification often enable weight loss to proceed. While overweight people who struggle to lose weight with a good diet and exercise have this problem to some degree, those who are the most overweight experience this issue to a greater degree.


Individuals with chemical sensitivity issues are extremely challenged. Virtually all individuals with chemical sensitivity are hyper-inflamed, have lost physical strength and fitness, and are either overweight or underweight. Such individuals must optimize their vitamin D levels—keeping them in the upper 2/3 of normal range—while using anti-inflammatory nutrients like quercetin and grape seed extract to help lower the amount of chemical reactions that will otherwise derail their progress.

The Gut Microbiome

image (7)Do you want to know more about how your gut is contributing to your fat cells….


Obesity rates have increased dramatically over the last couple of decades, and this fat epidemic is thought to result from a combination of genetic and environmental factors. The fact that obesity is almost unheard of in hunter-gatherer populations and some non-westernized societies has led to the definition of obesity as a disease of civilization.


Recent discoveries about the trillions of microorganisms that live in and on the human body are now changing the traditional perspective on human health and disease. In terms of obesity, we’re learning that it’s not just heredity and gene expression related to our human genome that play a role, but also the trillions of microorganisms that make up the vastly larger (in terms of unique genetic material) second genome in our body, the human microbiome.


The idea that the gut microbiome plays an important role in the obesity epidemic is supported by the following observations:


1) Obesity is characterized by an obese microbiome, which is different from the microbiome of a lean person.


2) The western lifestyle is a master manipulator of the microbiome, and recent studies indicate that the microbiome of hunter-gatherer populations and some non-westernized cultures where obesity is unheard of are very different from that of the so-called westernized microbiome. This is consistent with the idea that obesity is a disease of civilization that results from a gene-environment mismatch.


3) The gut microbiome plays an important role in body fat regulation, and manipulating the microbiome can promote fat gain or fat loss. It’s still unclear exactly how gut microbes are able to affect body fat regulation, but one prevailing hypothesis is that the gut microbiota controls the inflammatory milieu in the body and thereby sensitivity to key metabolic hormones such as leptin and insulin. The food reward hypothesis, which states that highly rewarding and calorie-dense processed foods are the primary driver of the obesity epidemic, and the microbiome hypothesis, which states that alterations in the bacterial communities in the gut drive weight gain, are now two of the leading hypotheses of obesity. Both of these hypotheses are based on the idea that fat gain is a vicious cycle, where diet and/or other lifestyle factors impacts dietary preferences and appetite.


While more studies are needed to determine the exact role of the microbiome in obesity, we already know that prebiotics, probiotics, and other types of microbiome modulators can cause fat loss in both animals and humans. The gut microbiome is an important emerging field in obesity research, and in the future there will most likely, and should, be even more focus on the treatment of the obese microbiome.