101 Habits For a Leaner New You

Cover page1Serious weight control just got an intelligent boost from the diva of smart dieting, the amazing and age-defying Beran Parry, who’s just launched The 101 Essential Habits for a Leaner New You. This is the culmination of decades of research and investigation, a scalpel-sharp approach to cutting through the nonsense and myth about sustainable weight loss, laying out the essential facts about the way your metabolism works and revealing how to take real control of your body, your health and your wellbeing. This is intelligent weight management from one of the world’s leading experts on smart nutrition. And it’s full of great advice, fabulous food, ground-breaking insights and one hundred and one superb habits to keep you right on track to total wellness.

Effective weight control is so much more than cutting calories and unhealthy starvation diets. It’s about understanding your body’s natural needs and supplying fuel and food that your body can thrive on. And it’s about developing better, healthier habits that can fully support your decision to get into better shape and start enjoying life to the max.

The fact is that we tend to live life on automatic pilot. We shop for groceries in a daze, picking up items that we consume without awareness, sometimes responding to chemical signals from the unbalanced, hostile bacteria in our gut. We eat whilst our minds and attention are distracted by the swarms of thoughts and stresses that make up a typical day. We eat for comfort. We eat to overcome feelings of failure, loneliness and inadequacy. We use food as a convenient tranquiliser to dull the pains of our daily emotional experience. Food has become the most widely abused drug on the planet and many of the familiar foods that you find on the supermarket shelves are quite simply addictive. So the problem of effective weight control is so much more than counting calories. It’s about behaviour. It’s about understanding the way our brains have been conditioned to function over hundreds of thousands of years. We still respond to the powerful drives of the brain’s primitive limbic system, answering the drives and urges of the amygdala with knee-jerk, instant responses that demand immediate gratification. Even though those urges are rarely helpful for our long term health and well being. Fortunately, salvation swoops to the rescue in the form of the more recently-evolved part of the human brain that we know and revere as the pre-frontal cortex. This is where so many addictive behaviours can be challenged, resolved and neutralised.

The pre-frontal cortex is deeply connected to the limbic system’s instant response drives. As the PFC is engaged, the limbic system cools down and reduces its manic grip on our behaviour. As we learn to engage the PFC, we learn step by step to control our habits and responses. We find that we can make better choices. These new habits over-ride the old behaviours and put us back in control of how we react to life. Fascinating research supports the conclusion that many of our eating habits are a result of feeling out of control. In other words, when we experience a particularly strong sense of anxiety – a perfect opening for the limbic system to fire up its ancient drives and urge us to seek instant gratification – we turn to food as a source of comfort. Food, of course, cannot resolve the original problem of anxiety, and eating too much, especially the toxic treats that cause so much damage to our health, triggers further feelings of guilt and remorse that spark yet another cycle of anxiety. It happens all the time. It effects hundreds of millions of people around the world every day. And the successful intervention of the PFC is the most effective way to deal with these behaviours.

The 101 Essential Habits for a Leaner New You celebrates your amazing ability to create meaningful change in your life by choosing the most appropriate food for your body, by eliminating the toxins from your digestive tract and from your shopping list, by learning to make better use of your brain’s incredible capacity to shape your choices, by introducing the best possible habits for total wellbeing. These methods have been applied to a wide variety of addictions. When eating is in any way out of control, we have to recognise a behavioural issue alongside the need to address the quality and quantity of what we put in our stomachs every day. This new level of understanding puts us back in the driving seat of our lives and achieves so much more than an intelligent response to weight control. It encourages us to move beyond the limitations of our fears and anxieties. It shows us that we can live a better life. It proves conclusively that we are no longer the victims of our weight or our circumstances. It opens the door to a new way of life. It reveals the goal of a skinnier, healthier, happier, new you. And you deserve every single ounce of happiness that’s coming your way.

Download this 101 Essential Habits for a Leaner New YOU for full advice, and 101 superb habits to keep you right on track to total wellness!

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